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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dr. Bill H. Weld: At it again... Rebuttal against Disinformation Agent

The following is an excerpt from the website owned/operated by a “Dr. Bill H. Weld” located at where he is alleging that the United States Federal Government is plotting to use advanced medical technology (nano-particle technology) to “infect” and ultimately “control and kill” Americans at will, in an plan he terms as “Nano Domestic Quell.”  He is making this claim based upon documents he states he is in possession of which are “Classified” in nature, and have been given to him by a “Military insider.”  We have no way to verify this claim, nor have seen the documents he claims to possess other than two pages he posted on a YouTube video.  He initially released this information on October 14, 2013.
Since the release of those documents, many members of the online community, including Scott Anthony from Flash News Network, have attempted to contact Dr. Weld, however, he has not responded to any valid questions regarding his claims, and has in effect blocked or removed questions from his accounts he maintains regarding this matter.  Scott Anthony was specifically named in “Dr. Weld’s” blog on October 18th, 2013, and as such, will provide written rebuttal in the comment notations contained below (annotated with “SA”).
It is not our intent at this time to verify his claims;  his claims appear false in nature, were made in attempts to boost ratings to his website(s) and/or social media accounts, as well as instill fear among the general US population.  He has made verbal statements that he is trying to “protect” Americans, however, has yet to release any relevant information to back up his claims.  In addition, should Dr. Weld actually possess any “classified” information, and that particular information could be for the purpose of National Security, we would then deem this to be a dire situation.  Release of National Security information without appropriate approval could easily fall into the hands of those seeking to do harm to Americans vs. his claim of trying to “protect” Americans.  In fact, based on his lack of cooperation and attempts to dissuade any actual dialogue of the information he claims to be in possession of, it is clear that his motives are less than genuine, and may in fact currently being used for immoral reasons.
The following excerpt from his blog dated 10/18/2013 reviews his stance against those asking legitimate questions, where he states several times that those attempting to determine the validity of his claims are agents of the government and are attacking him as part of yet another government plot.  There are many individuals attempting to find out if his claims are valid, however, it is becoming more clear that he either is using fear to control a particular population, is purposely evading discussing the subject matter and using defensive tactics to avoid reviewing the topics and claims he has made.
At this time, we think his claims need to be made public knowledge since he continues to make said claims without explanations and may in fact be involved in subversive activities that may place the security of America at risk.  Our comments will be bullet-pointed below each of his claims below (please refer to each section labelled “COMMENT” for our insertions):
Friday, October 18, 2013

I've asked one of my close private detective friends to offer analysis and refutation of the lies being spread around You Tube about me. I think he's done a great job of defending me and showing how their methods work. 

-- In Christ, Dr. Weld

COMMENT:  We take note at the consistent use of the signature line “In Christ” used by the user “Dr. Weld.”  This is generally customary to be used with those who are in a “Ministry” or by Ordained Ministers, Priests and other members of the Clergy.  We have not observed, nor have seen any evidence that “Dr. Weld” is an ordained minister, and therefore, is likely using this closing as a means to embrace the Christian Community who believe that the world is nearing “end times” or the period outlined in the Book of Revelations in the Bible.  Such tactics may be employed by those seeking to create a common bond with new users, and is particularly effective among Christian oriented people as a way to lure them into a sense of “Brotherhood/Sisterhood” In Christ.  We believe that this is in fact a ploy to develop that bond, so that his new “followers” will not question his motives or message because he is using the term “In Christ.”  He is in fact using the Lord’s name in vain. -SA

Huge CIA "psy op" underway to destroy Dr. Weld

I am honored to help Dr. Weld, a good friend of mine for over twenty years. I hope the following will clear a lot of the confusion up. I promise, if you read this carefully and thoughtfully, many of the questions swirling about will be answered.

COMMENT: There is a need to stop right at this point to question the validity of this “ghost writer” who signed off on this as “- A Friend.”  If in fact this is written by an investigator, certainly it would be appropriate to come forth with who you are as you are trying to establish “credibility” of Dr. Weld.  By remaining anonymous, you are doing a disservice to Dr. Weld by further continuing operations in a mysterious and unverifiable manner.  

I have many years under my belt doing Internet research and investigation. I also have experience working with whistle blowers. I've seen first-hand how psy ops (psychological operations) on the Internet work to destroy good people like Dr. Weld. 

Ask yourself, Why are they so desperate to destroy him if all he represents is a harmless Internet hoax -- as they claim? Why are they so aggressive? Why would they even bother if it was just a hoax? 

They wouldn't. That's because Dr. Weld is real and what he is saying is true. 

COMMENT:  With several decades of journalism, editing and researching, we find it to be highly abnormal that there are no electronic footprints of any “Dr. Bill H. Weld”, “Bill H. Weld”, “William H. Weld” or “William Weld” including all variations of this name including and excluding initials.  There is a “William F. Weld” who is an Attorney, was the Governor of Massachusetts until 1997 who also has a brother Dr. Francis “Tim” Weld.  The very fact that there are electronic footprints for nearly every person named “Weld” EXCEPT for “Dr. Bill H. Weld”, a person who supposedly was both a Physician AND an Attorney, is highly abnormal.  In fact, the chance of the non-existent footprint would be ZERO.  The only traces of Dr. Bill H. Weld are those that are recently cached in search engines related to the “exposed” websites and comments regarding recent issues with Dr. Weld.  There is no information regarding the personal or professional history of Dr. Bill H. Weld.  This person does not exist.  Not in the capacity outlined on his YouTube/Twitter/Blog profiles.  We would be willing to examine any documents that prove us wrong on this point.  If Dr. Bill H. Weld is real, certainly a simple photo with a current newspaper in the picture is the easiest way to prove this;  however that photo should be uploaded to a photo-sharing website, and not in a video.

It should be noted how aggressive and widespread the campaign to destroy Dr. Weld has been. Numerous You Tube channels and other social media venues have been utilized to spread disinformation about Dr. Weld. This began almost immediately after Dr. Weld posted his first video in August. It then ramped up in September and October, as Dr. Weld began to reveal more and more sensitive information. 

The fact this campaign has been so pronounced is very telling. Someone out there is worried about what Dr. Weld has to say, and wants him silenced and discredited as soon as possible. It's obvious who that "someone" is: it is our government. 

Let me start with the most commonly stated "facts" or "evidences" against Dr. Weld. These lies have made appearances on shill You Tube channels, and are promoted by, among others: October Reinz, Montagraph, Chrissy Sumer, FearMongerFlagger, hyungs, chaddydad1, Barbara Mallett & Scott Anthony. 

COMMENT:  I, Scott Anthony, have produced one video asking Dr. Weld, to produce medical proof of his claims.  He failed to do so, and further blocked my inquiries. This is not acceptable practice in the field of medical research, medical practice, practice of law, or any other licensed practice where ETHICS are involved.  He could have easily e-mailed me a response;  instead the inquiry went ignored/blocked an unanswered. -SA

We believe all of these people are either shills on a CIA payroll or unwitting dupes. (Some of them appear to be mentally unstable and possibly violent. Dr. Weld has received numerous death threats from various You Tube channels, all of which have been reported to authorities.)

COMMENT:  We have noticed the recent use of the terms “shills” used by “Dr Weld.”  This coming from a “person” who in several videos and entries by his own accounts, has little or no understanding how the internet works, has no idea how to upload a video to YouTube (despite several being posted), YET, is familiar with terms such as “shills”, “Trolls”, “IP Tracking” etc.  In addition, “Dr Weld” owns/operates several websites dedicated to debunking popular television shows/personalities such as Dr. Oz, for no reason other than “monetizing” those sites.  Again, fairly odd given his lack of internet knowledge.  Additionally, Dr Weld maintains YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages all with personalization indicating someone with substantially more knowledge then the average person. -SA

LIE #1

"Credible" You Tube channels have attacked Dr. Weld, therefore, he is a fraud. 

The CIA uses paid "shills" to "muddy the waters", "poison the well", attack truth-tellers, confuse the public, act as agents provocateurs and to disseminate disinformation. These shills are highly trained. Their You Tube channels are "fronts", and may not end up being used or "deployed" for years, until a loyal following has developed. 

Why would the CIA use You Tube channels that were not credible or highly regarded by the public? They wouldn't.

The proprietors of the channels are well-paid and highly trained. Again, a channel may exist for years as a legitimate and credible "front" until its use is needed. 

It is estimated the CIA and NSA have created, developed and now maintain over 10,000 channels which serve this purpose. Some of these shills run multiple channels, using various names and identities. Many are individuals. They represent a wide spectrum of the political and social landscape, from Democrats to comic book fans to knitting clubs.

At least half of the You Tube channels attacking Dr. Weld are trained CIA agents, while the rest are dupes that pick up the information and spread the lies either verbatim or repackage them. 

COMMENT:  What are your sources / citations for this claim?  What proofs are you relying on to substantiate such a claim.  Again, you appear to be making unfounded claims or opinions without FACT to back them up.  Speaking solely for Flash News Network / Scott Anthony, I am not now, nor have been, paid by a Government agency for any work as described above.  I can say with a great degree of certainty, the others named will state the same.  The only truth to the above claim is that those listed are highly-trained... however, not in the manner in which you have outlined. -SA

LIE #2

Dr. Weld is actually hoaxer Justin Tribble.

It should be stated, unequivocally, that Dr. Weld is not Justin Tribble. 

I will now explain how and why Dr. Weld was erroneously connected to Mr. Tribble: 

Numerous images purport to show that a few of Dr. Weld's web sites were, at one time, registered to Justin Tribble, a known Internet hoaxer. These images were captured and originally uploaded on Reddit, and spread from there. 

These images are, in fact, real. Dr. Weld's sites had been experiencing numerous hacks and instability through August and leading up to today. This was reported to Dr. Weld by his webmaster, Chris (last name withheld for privacy), who noted passwords had been obtained and the site registrations were changed. This sort of "hack" is actually not terribly difficult to achieve. 

COMMENT: The above statement is inherently false.  Domain registration is a fairly complex system to ensure domain registration complies with US Regulations.  In doing so, domain registrars must have certain safeguards in effect so that inadvertent transfers of domain names, hacking of domain names, etc, can not occur.  Are websites hacked?  The answer is yes, but not small blogs like Dr. Weld’s.  The sites that are generally hacked contain significant and worthwhile information as hacking such sites takes extensive resources and time to do so.  Hacking a small site is not worth the time or effort;  in addition, probably very few individuals even knew those sites existed prior to Dr. Weld’s campaign starting in August, September and October, particularly in October.  Therefore, it is more likely than not, that the domain registry was displaying the correctly identified original registrant.  It is not my intention to try to prove or disprove this issue as it is fairly straightforward that the websites were associated with Justin Tribble.  If anyone would be hacked, it would be people that own controversial sites such as Montagraph, Scott Anthony and others you listed.  There would be more of a reason to do so, given your claim that we are “shills.”  You are making a counterproductive argument in this claim. -SA

His webmaster later confirmed that he had to change the registrations back to Dr. Weld's real address and phone number. He said multiple sites showed a number of fake addresses, a few pointed to a local law office and a couple referenced Mr. Tribble. 

All of this was corrected by Dr. Weld's webmaster, but the attacks have continued since August. His webmaster noted attacks also occurred as far back as May of this year, and these also resulted in "changed" web site registrations that had to be corrected. The earlier attacks were likely related to Dr. Weld's support of a series of fraud-busting, anti-hoax web sites called the Web Fraud Squad placed online earlier this year.

One might ask, "If Dr. Weld is a hoaxer, why would he register some of his sites in the name of himself, Justin Tribble, someone already associated with hoaxes?" Well, he wouldn't. 

It makes no sense at all, that Dr. Weld would impugn himself with something that can easily be looked up by any Internet user. 

What happened is very simple: Dr. Weld was hacked, his site registrations were changed, this information was then intentionally disseminated on the Internet to discredit Dr. Weld in a planned, coordinated attack. A lot of unwitting dupes were convinced by it, as well, and proceeded to do a lot of the "leg work", so to speak, for the CIA/NSA whistle blower attack campaign. 

COMMENT:  IF you are making a claim under the The Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2012 ("WPEA"), Pub.L. 112-199, made many revisions to the Whistleblower Protection Act., and Directive 19, then by law, you MUST DISCLOSE the FEDERAL AGENCY for which you are employed.  You do not possess WHISTLEBLOWER PROTECTIONS if you are not an employee of a FEDERAL AGENCY with CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS.  So there are two options for you here:  1) File with the US Governement under the WPA which requires disclosure of the Agency which you are employed for and the issues that are protected under this law;  or 2) You are in possession of illegal documents which may very likely be placing the United States of America’s national security at risk.  Either way, at this point, you must disclose the documents you possess to the Department of Justice and make a claim for protection.  Any other action would be considered a violation of several laws to protect the good and welfare of all citizens of the United States. -SA

As it stands, there is no other "evidence" (that I have seen) to link Dr. Weld to Mr. Tribble, other than erroneous speculation. 

We have also seen records being altered on the Internet, including Wayback Machine records, which show the Internet in its past state. The CIA and NSA have been known to use this measure in other cases, and have access to files and systems that are off-limits to the public. (The Wayback Machine was originally created by a CIA front company to forge Internet records. So far, it has been exceptionally effective.)

LIE #3

There is no verifiable information on the Internet about Dr. Weld.

As Dr. Weld has stated numerous times in his videos, his Yellow Pages online listing disappeared many weeks ago. He has contacted the company and asked why a service he pays for no longer exists, but he has not heard a response back after numerous inquiries. 

The pattern of Dr. Weld's credentials disappearing continued: while he is retired and no longer actively practicing law, he can no longer be found in the records of the Nevada Bar Association. He is inquiring about this discrepancy. 

However, Dr. Weld's registrations with some of the hospitals he worked at many decades ago do exist, as well does his history with Duke University. Anyone can look it up. Nonetheless, paid CIA shills are actively posting and spreading the lie that these records do not exist. By simply posting online, "I can't find his records," this dissuades those who are genuinely inquiring into Dr. Weld's background from doing so. 

Despite Dr. Weld's records appearing to still be intact, we expect more may be "scraped" in the coming days; it appears an effort is underway to wipe Dr. Weld's real-world records from the public domain. 

COMMENT:  The Federal Government is not in the business of “scraping” documents off of search engines, particularly of specific individuals.  In fact, if Dr. Weld is claiming to be a Whistleblower, then the EXACT OPPOSITE would occur... his information would be LEFT IN TACT so that any number of agents seeking his information, and possible apprehension would have easy access to him.  Therefore, this information is incorrect.  We have done our own due diligence, and found no such records of his professional practices in either medicine or law.  Again, as stated earlier, this is an impossibility. -SA

LIE #4

Dr. Weld's "classified documents"* contained a misspelling.

This is a method of discrediting information through false evidence. 

Dr. Weld released real, legitimate documents to the public in high resolution. The documents were then downloaded by a CIA shill, altered to show a misspelling, and re-uploaded and posted on You Tube as "evidence". 

Now why would Dr. Weld -- if he is a "hoaxer" -- post a document with an obvious misspelling? He wouldn't, of course.

EDIT / COMMENT:  This is the least compelling argument and hardly worth the time commenting on.  The document originally shown had a misspelling in it, plain and simple.  It was viewed by many with the same results.  We will not venture a guess as to why this document was produced and uploaded with a spelling error in his original video then later corrected.

* Note: Dr. Weld has been contacted by a federal law enforcement agency and asked to take down the classified documents from his blog and other sources, or risk possible federal criminal charges. The documents have been removed at this point in time. Dr. Weld plans to fight for their future release through safer means that will not put his life at risk.

LIE #5

Dr. Weld says he is not "Internet savvy", so how does he run web sites and make You Tube videos?

As Dr. Weld has explained numerous times, he has a webmaster to handle most of his web sites and Internet activities. His son and daughter help him make and post You Tube videos. He is able to use email, and is getting better at using his blog and some of his other social media outlets. 

It is also not unusual that a 72 year-old man would be unfamiliar with the complexities of the Internet, such as making and uploading a You Tube video. In fact, a good number of people of all ages would have trouble doing so without some training and time to familiarize themselves with the often confusing You Tube interface. 

COMMENT:  This is possibly the weakest argument made yet.  We know many 70+ year old persons that have no problems utilizing web-cams, social media, video sharing sites etc.  In addition, we find it very difficult to believe that a Physician and/or Attorney is unable to purchase even the most simple type of camera / video camera, READ THE MANUAL, and upload content.  If a 10 year old can do it, certainly a well-trained, well-educated Physician/Attorney should be able to navigate 10 pages of a camera manual and a few “help windows” on a social media site.  Additionally, we will refer you to the above comment repeated here:  

We have noticed the recent use of the terms “shills” used by “Dr Weld.”  This coming from a “person” who in several videos and entries by his own accounts, has little or no understanding how the internet works, has no idea how to upload a video to YouTube (despite several being posted), YET, is familiar with terms such as “shills”, “Trolls”, “IP Tracking” etc.  In addition, “Dr Weld” owns/operates several websites dedicated to debunking popular television shows/personalities such as Dr. Oz, for no reason other than “monetizing” those sites.  Again, fairly odd given his lack of internet knowledge.  Additionally, Dr Weld maintains YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages all with personalization indicating someone with substantially more knowledge then the average person. -SA

LIE #6

Dr. Weld used a photograph from Wikipedia and claimed it was of his son's arm.

This red herring has been debunked and explained repeatedly by Dr. Weld in a couple of his videos and on his blog. It is so laughable and silly, it's a wonder the shills have not come up with something more creative to attack Dr. Weld with. I feel it has been so thoroughly explained by Dr. Weld that I need not address it again in detail. 

COMMENT:  What you call a red herring an laughable, is nothing more than a deflection away from fact;  UNETHICALLY a photograph taken from Wikipedia was used as an element of fact stating it was Dr. Weld’s son’s arm when we all know it was a stolen photo of a 47 year old female.  Dr. Weld, Attorney Weld, or whomever he may be, can NOT under any circumstances make a claim of ignorance as he is ultimately responsible for any and all content published under his name and/or authority.  As an Attorney he knows this already.  Any claim to the contrary simply proves he was never an Attorney.  Any claim to the contrary also proves that he was never a licensed Physician as ETHICS are mandatory requirements for BOTH professions an are mandatory continuing educational units. (CEUs) -SA

LIE #7 

Dr. Weld messaged October Reinz or Montagraph on You Tube and admitted it is all a hoax.

This is a very advanced psy ops method being used. Dr. Weld did not message either of the above You Tube channels. There are videos, however, purportedly showing "live" versions of Dr. Weld's messages, in which he confesses to it all being a hoax. 

These videos were created using advanced image editing software, like Photoshop, and also employed a video editing program to simulate a "live" view of the You Tube "inbox" showing the messages. 

All of this was created beforehand and is a simulation. This is also a method commonly used by the CIA to discredit people, because the videos of the alleged messages appear very real.

COMMENT:  Montagraph and OctoberReignz have documented proof of this and can make their own commentary. - SA 

LIE #8

Dr. Weld has ads on his videos and sites, so all he's doing is just trying to make lots of money.

Shills have effectively disseminated this lie, and the misnomer that web site and You Tube ads must result in a "ton of income" or a way to "get rich". This is not true at all. The ads produce very little income. 

The decision to place ads on the sites was made by Dr. Weld and his webmaster, who runs the sites. The ads produce a very small amount of income that helps pay for web hosting and helps pay a small part of Chris' salary. 

Dr. Weld has said he will not remove the web site ads. He has also said the ads on the You Tube videos may be removed, but the decision has not been made yet to do so.

COMMENT:  IF the true intent of Dr Weld is to get information out, then monetizing would NOT be part of the equation.  Since his sites are monetized, despite his “lucrative careers” as a physician and/or attorney, we find it ironic he needs the few dollars these sites pull in.  The fact that the monetization remains, starts leaning towards the argument that in fact these are fictitious sites and not owned by a retired physician or attorney.

LIE #9 

Dr. Weld's son sounded like Justin Tribble in a radio interview he gave.

This is yet another method to discredit and spread lies, one that is completely ridiculous and laughable. 

Dr. Weld's son, Bill Weld Jr., appeared on Heads Up Warriors Radio with Kathy Rubio and Reverend Michelle Hopkins in early October. A video was posted claiming that Bill Jr. "sounds like" Justin Tribble. Both are of similar age. Bill Jr. is 35, and Justin Tribble is purportedly 32 (also reported to be 30). The voices do not sound similar. They appear quite distinctly to be different voices, but, as expected, both voices sound youthful. 

This is a common psy ops effort -- to present "evidence" that isn't actually real evidence, but instead serves to confuse and muddy the waters. 

LIE #10 

Dr. Weld won't appear on a webcam, so he is not who he says he is.

Dr. Weld is in the process of acquiring a webcam or some kind of video recording device. However, he has expressed reservations in doing so, in light of the recent death threats. He feels his privacy has been violated to such an extent, exposing himself and his family further may only serve to feed the campaign against him. The decision to use the webcam or not is Dr. Weld's alone to make. He has said to me he is not sure he will continue in his effort if no one believes him, and the net result is more death threats. 

COMMENT:  See our comment to item #5 above.  In addition, it was Dr. Weld  who posted the content, posted the picture of the adult male on his profile and whose voice we hear.  It appears that he has no issue with divulging his location of Las Vegas and stated that he will have a documentary crew filming him in three weeks (stated in his latest video on 10/18/13).  Therefore, this argument is weak as he stated on the record that he plans to be videographed.  His lack of doing so now is only ensuring his credibility is questionable at best.

LIE #11 

Dr. Weld doesn't have a "long enough" Internet history.

As Dr. Weld has stated numerous times, he only began using the Internet this year. Many business do not have web sites. Many people only have addresses or phone numbers included in directories on the Internet. Some people have no Internet footprint whatsoever. Dr. Weld has never used the Internet before this year, has never had a need for it and his law office has never had a need for a web site.

EDIT / COMMENT:  Refer to comments in items #3, #5 and #10.

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