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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pepsi Cola, Coca-Cola, Nestle: Food & Beverage Giants Named in Classified Document to Kill Americans

New York, NY:  October 24, 2013

Food and Beverage Powerhouse manufacturers are among several entities listed in what appears to be a "Classified Document" released by several underground individuals on the famous video sharing site ""  In the videos, what looks like Department of Defense documents in a program labeled "Nano Domestic Quell" the industry giants Pepsico, Coca-Cola and Nestle are all listed as suspects in what appears to be a plot to poison unsuspecting consumers who purchase and ingest their products.

Several thousand subscribers are members of these subversive channels and the actual views these channels generate are probably of a magnitude of between 100,000-250,000 people in the US, possibly more.

Flash News Network has released the following document to the three major beverage manufacturers to verify the claims made by YouTube and Blogger users Rev. Michelle Hopkins and Dr. Bill H. Weld, a self-described Attorney and Physician from Las Vegas, lending credibility to the claims:

"We have been in communications with many members of social media who are expressing extreme concern over the potential introduction of "nano-materials" into your product lines;  in particular, those products that are beverages in the form of bottled water or other beverages.  

The source of this matter stems from two sources:
1. RevMichelleHopkins: (This user has posted several videos and has been on radio stating your company has been involved in a Department of Defense effort to introduce nano-materials which are meant to cause death to consumers.  In addition, she has posted "Classified Documents" that specifically show your company's name as being an active participant.)

2. Dr. Bill H. Weld (Attorney / Physician): (Dr. Weld states in several videos as well as websites that your company is in a concerted effort with the Department of Defense to infect and kill citizens of the United States).

Both links will bring you to their respective video channels on which several videos and documents can be observed with your company's name clearly mentioned.  

While we understand that this may be of minor concern to you, I can assure you that viewers of these channels number are close to 30,000 subscribed viewers.  Those viewers tend to "share" those videos on other social media, and among fellow subscribers.  Therefore, the effective audience is likely closer to an exponential number of between 100,000 - 250,000 at a minimum.  Given their recent popularity and viral nature of the video content, we would not be surprised if their message is being populated to closer to 1,000,000 viewers at this time.

Therefore, we are investigating the truth of this subject matter.  We would like to assist your company in any way possible to provide honest and truthful information to you consumers, of which, many follow our social media outlets and investigative reporter channels/sites.

We thank you in advance for any time you can provide in drafting a media response so that we can clear up any misconceptions as to your company's involvement, and/or to discredit these claims outright if in fact they are non-factual in nature.

Scott Anthony/Editor
Flash News Network"

Dr. Bill H. Weld maintains several websites and a very active blog with about 80,000 page views recently, therefore, there is growing concern that individuals may take these videos and blog posts seriously, and could take dire actions before knowing if anything nefarious is actually taking place.

Flash News Network will bring you updates as they become available. (Images of screen-captures below)


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