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Friday, November 8, 2013

Flash News Network: Constitutionalists All The Way

In light of recent accusations by fictitious individuals on Social Media, I feel the need to set the record straight on where Flash News Network stands on the Constitution of the United States of America as well as Freedom of Speech.  It is actually surreal that I should even need to write such an entry, however, to make it as clear as possible, and to dismiss any inaccuracies, I will post this in writing for everyone to absorb.

Flash News Network is a ground-up reporting system.  This means that information is either gathered and rebroadcast, delivered directly to us and broadcast, or written by myself or others and broadcast.  There are no limits on the types of issues we will cover.  The only "out of bounds" areas that we will NEVER broadcast, are those that fall into the realm of the following topics:

  • Hate speech of any kind
  • Any type of illegal activity
  • Threats against any person or entity
  • Threats against the National Security of the United States of America
Our allegiance is to the United States of America, 100%.  I am personally a Patriot and will defend my Nation with my own blood against all enemies, foreign or domestic.  To that extent, I will, if notified or become aware of any information that may be against the good and welfare of the United States of America, or any of its States or Territories, notify the appropriate authorities as to the nature of the potential threat and the person or entities making such a threat.  Make no mistake, as a Patriot, my allegiance is to America and all she stands for.

With that said, as a Natural Born Citizen of the United States, who enjoys all Inalienable Rights as provided for under the Constitution, I/We will at times be fully critical of those who hold public office, will investigate and/or make inquiries as to certain activities of our Government within the scope of the law, and will utilize all rights afforded under the First Amendment which guarantees all of our Rights to Freedom of Speech (again, foregoing the items mentioned above).

What does that mean exactly?  It means I am extremely opinionated.  I am very critical.  I do not simply comply because it is easier.  It means I hold those elected into office to a higher standard and expect that they obey the Oaths of Office they took upon being appointed or elected.  It means I expect that our elected officials do not EVER abuse the powers of their office.  It means that I will utilize my right to Dissent from popular opinion or unlawful orders that I observe and will question to the best of my ability all actions that are either unlawful or ethically wrong.

None of the above means that I will ever encourage, nor participate, in any unlawful actions to cause civil unrest, conditions of unlawfulness or otherwise attempt or participate in any unlawful action to remove those from office.  There are legal methods for having elected officials removed, and that is the manner in which I would recommend, and in which I would personally partake in.  

I may write articles, phrases or post images that are not pleasant, are critical of our government or are completely written in satirical fashion.  Again, that falls under the scope of the First Amendment to our Constitution.  However critical I am, however, it is to be CRYSTAL CLEAR that I am a United States Patriot;  I love my country, and am proud to be an American Citizen.  I support our Military and their efforts, even if I disagree with the political action behind any armed conflict.  Our Military, unless acting under unlawful orders, deserves the full respect of our Country.  I will not condone nor broadcast speech that undermines the operations, security or integrity of our Armed Services.

Lastly, while I may not agree with everything our President does or says, I respect the Office of the President of the United States.  I will be critical, and will question every elected official, up through the President.  That should never be taken to mean I would ever condone any illegal, immoral or unethical attempts to remove any person who holds that office.  If the person holding that office is committing an offense so egregious as to rise to the level of a "Clear and Present Danger" to any citizen of the United States, our House of Representatives is our first line of defense, and that is the avenue to pursue with any discourse.

I hope this clears up any misconceptions or misunderstandings. -Scott Anthony

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