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Friday, November 1, 2013


There have been some recent questions as to what our mission is.  We would like to provide you with a simple answer:

"Flash News Network is a bottom-up news reporting/information portal whereby citizens as well as professional journalist and Public Official statements can be broadcast to a wide audience.  In particular, those issues or incidents which may affect public safety are of primary concern.  Flash News Network will always refer to Official Statements and re-broadcast them as necessary, particularly if there is an urgent need to do so."

Recently, there has been much concern regarding FEMA REGION III; Non-verified information was recently broadcast on rogue channels on a common video sharing site, and as such, there had been a panic induced over a "non-specific" disaster or occurrence in FEMA REGION III.

Noting several official messages from FEMA in this Region, we verified that those messages are in fact part of an on-going public-awareness campaign and not part of any nefarious plot.  We contacted FEMA and their response is shown below.  Please use common sense, as well as investigating all claims of any potential actions that may be used to induce panic and fear.  Often, people with motives other than the welfare of the general public will use such tactics to gain viewers as well as money;  more viewers equates to more dollars for the video creator.  We do not condone this practice.

As an ongoing effort, we will cooperate with all Public Officials, as well as assist in broadcasting Public Safety Announcements that are in the general public's best interest.  If there are activities reported that seem to violate any Constitutional Rights, we will assist in broadcasting those messages as well.  We urge all Law Enforcement, Military and elected Public Officials to uphold the oaths they have taken upon taking office.

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