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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

(UPDATED) PLANNED POWER OUTAGES: NOVEMBER 2013 - GRID X II (National Preparedness Drill)


UPDATE: 11/14/2013

With all of the talk on Social Media and Forums of the large nationwide "Grid X 2" drill, we would like your assistance in assembling reports of actual power outages that are happening around the country.  (Link to NY Times Grid X II story here:

We know of some that had been planned in a few NorthEast/Costal locations, however, due to cold/snow weather, those outages have been cancelled.  We will compile the list here and report those that we become aware of.

If reporting a power outage, please tweet it to @FlashNewsNet on Twitter or comment directly here.  Please provide the general location (State / County) and the duration of the outage if possible.  We will also try to determine if the outage was caused by an accident (or weather, etc) vs. a planned outage if possible.

Planned Outages:

Thursday 11/14/13:

Although we did receive some messages regarding power outages, there were no mass outages, at least none that did not appear to have a causative factor.  None of the outages appeared to be part of the Grid Ex II exercise.

It should be noted that if this is in fact an exercise that is going to go live, it likely won't happen until the NorthEast region has a warming up of temperatures.  Currently the NorthEast is under a fairly cold air mass;  cutting power during this cold spell would place the general public at risk.  It is unlikely that any US Government Agency will accept responsibility for public potential harm by cutting power during a cold-weather event.  Therefore, we urge people to monitor and a be aware of any mass outages after this cold-weather breaks.

It is also very likely that the drill will remain a non-live drill as it was planned as a desktop event only.  Time will tell if this remains the case.

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