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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

President Mandela Trumps Prime Minister Thatcher: Obama Has a Marxist Moment (President Placed at Risk)


While Air Force One flew to South Africa carrying some of the highest ranking US Officials to attend the funeral of South African President Nelson Mandela, we couldn't help wonder what made this event different than say, Margaret Thatcher's funeral.

To get this obvious point out of the way, we of course agree that President Mandela was a beacon of freedom and liberty and obviously suffered severe personal losses in the name of ending apartheid.  Segregation, racism, and genocide based on ethnicity serves no place in a civilized world, and Nelson Mandela served as a minister of freedom for all men and women, of all races as well as sexual orientation (besides race, President Mandela was involved in gay rights as well).

We certainly agree that President Mandela has served his country well, and is deserving of acknowledgements by the United States.  But there is a dark side of the Mandela legacy as well, which we have some issues with.  In addition, is it the policy of the United States to send such a high level entourage for a funeral for other high-ranking political figures?  The answer to this, is simply no.

We think it's important for people to realize who is actually attending President Mandela's funeral services:

  1. President Barack H. Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama
  2. Former President Bill Clinton and First Lady (Sec. of State) Hillary Clinton
  3. Former President George W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush
  4. Former President Jimmy Carter
In stark contrast, here is the attendee list for Baroness Thatcher, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979-1990:

  1. Former Secretary of State George Shultz
  2. Former Secretary of State James Baker
In case you weren't keeping score, Nelson Mandela ranked high enough to have the current President and First Lady of the United States, in addition to three other past Presidents of the United States.  Ms. Thatcher... two FORMER Secretaries of State.  The United States couldn't even muster up to send current Secretary of State John Kerry or one of his Under-Secretaries.  No, the United States couldn't see her way clear to send ANY CURRENT ACTIVE DIPLOMAT OR CABINET MEMBER.

As Americans, we are embarrassed by this complete lack of respect for one of our closest cold-war allies and the longest sitting Prime Minister, not to mention the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  Margaret Thatcher was known to be very close to former President Ronald Reagan, and in fact, advised him on many foreign affairs (not only advising him on what was wrong, but on how to fix tricky situations).  Ms. Thatcher was honored by the United States as a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1991 by then President George H.W. Bush, among many distinctions and honors she has earned for her steadfast diplomatic efforts and actions to prevent world-wide atrocities and injustices.  

Nelson Mandela, while standing up for principles we all believe to be worthy and just, to the point of essentially self-incarcerating himself by using his trial as a platform for a four hour speech inspired by Fidel Castro, was a man worthy of many similar honors.  No one can deny that.  However, when researching President Mandela's history, he was clearly of a Socialist ideology, a staunch Marxist, as well as taking up armed rebellion to overthrow South African government at the time.  None of this makes him a bad person by any means;  actually, it makes him one who IS worthy of honors and distinction from the United States.  

When digging deeper, we find out however, that his wife (of whom he ended up divorcing in 1996), Winnie Mandela, was responsible for both directly and indirectly, the torture and deaths of many men, women and children while she was an activist.  Besides being convicted of several crimes, including murder and fraud as well as organized crime, Mrs. Mandela also CONDONED the execution method known as "necklacing" whereby tires filled with gasoline were put around the neck of a "condemned person" and set afire, causing a slow and excruciating death lasting at least 20 minutes.  President Mandela, to our knowledge, did not speak out against this practice nor spoke out against his wife until after their divorce in 1996 even though he was aware of her wrongdoings.

We have a problem with the United States sending such high-ranking officials to South Africa;  not because President Mandela was bad, but because we didn't do so for a close diplomatic partner, the United Kingdom.  How can any American feel that it is just to send an envoy of 4 Presidents to South Africa, yet send two former Secretaries of State to one of the world's most notable women in a country that has stood by the United States even during the most QUESTIONABLE circumstances?

It is not clear as to why the Obama Administration, and the President himself who admittedly met with Nelson Mandela exactly once in his political career as a Senator, felt it was appropriate to sail Air Force One with the President and two former Presidents along with former First Ladies / Secretary of State Clinton.  Why put on this show for the world?  Who are we trying to impress?  Clearly, Margaret Thatcher was equally, if not more deserving of such honors, yet we sent not one active Public Official to her funeral.

The United States needs to come up with a set protocol for State Funerals and stick to it.  We can't "cherry pick" which State Funerals we will attend with the highest officials while others, we send no one.  It is embarrassing, it is inappropriate, it is offending and most of all, it is dangerous.  Frankly, I wouldn't blame the UK for being annoyed at President Obama right about now.  Call it a slap in the face, call it whatever you like.  The bottom line is that we were wrong for ignoring the funeral of Margaret Thatcher.  

We do believe an envoy should be at the funeral for President Mandela;  but overkill can be a bad thing at times.  This is one of those times.  

URGENT UPDATE:  12/12/13

The world now knows that during the special service event there was a possible breach in security whereby a "sign language interpreter" by the name of Thamsanqa Jantjie from a company named SA Interpreters (no relation to Scott Anthony).  While Mr. Jantjie stands by his claim that he is a certified interpreter and that his qualifications are on file with SA Interpreters according to a CNN report, the owners of that company, simply can not be found.

Flash News Network on 12/10/13, broadcast that we questioned heavily the protocol used for the Mandela Funeral and Services.  On board Air Force One were the current sitting President and First Lady, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Former President and First Lady George W. Bush.  Former President Clinton and Carter were to meet up in Johannesburg, South Africa for the services.

(Photo Credit:

We are now confident, that our second-guessing this bizarre protocol was correct.  In fact, not only was our President placed at risk, but so were multiple other world-leaders.  Something told us that this was a serious deviation from standard protocols, and it turns out, our hunch ended up being correct.

The African National Council (ANC) who sponsored the State Event, stated that they did NOT hire, nor vet the fake interpreter.  The Deaf Federation of South Africa is also outraged at the appearance of a fake interpreter;  at the very least, they were offended.  In our opinion, the lack of proper security protocols as well as vetting of personnel who would have close access to our President as well as other Dignitaries, World Leaders, Presidents, Prime Ministers, etc. was a blatant risk to our leaders.

It is our hope, that the United States will use this event as a learning tool and prepare a proper protocol for attending State Funerals.  To have the current sitting President on the ground in foreign territory among those who may not have the United States' best interest in mind, is a risk I would think many Americans would agree is not worth having to attend an event.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


After nearly a year later, for the first time the public is allowed to listen to a mere handful of calls that were allegedly made during the Sandy Hook shooting on 12/14/12.  The calls that have been deemed "safe for the public" to listen to, do not demonstrate the logical progression of a mass crime scene which includes an active shooter, multiple victims and which occurred in a confined space (school hallways).

I listened to the released tapes and I admit, at first review, they seemed legitimate.  However, that initial opinion changed upon reviewing the tapes several times.  I will go forth and say one thing first;  I do believe that SOME (if not all) of the dispatchers may have believed they had an active shooter situation.  The police response also appeared to be legitimate upon reviewing the 2 hour tape of the Newtown Police and Connecticut State Police responding to Sandy Hook on that day (assuming the audio I reviewed was in fact from 12/14/12).

That said, there are several issues that start to emerge on the limited tapes that were in fact provided to the media for public review.  Below are just some of those initial findings:

1.  The tapes released were heavily edited.  They do not follow the natural progression of the call event.  These were "cherry-picked" tapes and certainly not the entire 9-1-1 call center intake calls in their entirety.  The times of these calls are out of order;  some may be from the very onset, at least one is at least 8 minutes into the event and others can not be matched to known police radio broadcasts at all.

2.  With any mass casualty incident, there will be multiple calls.  What was released was basically one caller stating that there was a shooting, another stating that she had been shot, another stating that she was a teacher in the school, but mostly we have "Rick" the "Acting Head Custodian" in most of these calls.  DURING NONE OF THE CALLS, WAS A DESCRIPTION OF THE SHOOTER ASKED FOR OR OBTAINED....

3.  There should be no less than 20 calls... likely many more.  We hear just a half dozen or so.  This goes against what would normally happen at any type of shooting / large fire / bad car accident, etc.  Based on these tapes, we are expected to believe that an acting head-custodian, one teacher, one other school employee that was shot and two outside callers were the only ones who called 9-1-1.

4.  Focusing on a few of the calls specifically, let's take a look at the most obvious one, Rick, the acting head custodian.  In his calls, he is calm and collected.  He states that he is in a corridor, not near the front of the school.  He is able to state that the shooting is ACTIVE, and therefore, his position in the school is critical.  For those not aware of what an assault rifle or shotgun sounds like when discharged, please click on this link to get a better idea.


Note:  The above links are video from indoor shooting ranges (random videos).  Indoor shooting ranges do have SOME soundproofing present to muffle the sound for shooter protection.  A school, lacks this soundproofing.  Therefore, we would expect that the gun blasts would be dramatically louder, particularly in the corridors / hallways.  We simply do not hear this type of sound.

Given the nature of his location, unless the Sandy Hook Elementary School was "SOUNDPROOF" throughout the building, his location would be one where the sounds of an assault rifle and shotgun blasting would be excruciatingly loud.  Not "pops" but deafening loud.  He repeats a few times that the shooting is still going on;  this indicates he is able to hear the shooting, yet, despite his location in a corridor that tends to echo sounds, we are unable to hear the deafening blasts of an assault rifle or shotgun.  Even a smaller caliber handgun would have been amplified in such a setting and would not be a simple "pop."

5.  Listing to the call of "Rick" again, one main question that comes to mind is why he is a key player during this event.  It could be because he is a custodian he could prove to be a vital link between responding officers who may need the layout of the school.  The only issue we have with that theory is that in the year 2012, all public places such as schools, libraries, hospitals, etc, all provide emergency services with DETAILED FLOOR PLANS of their facilities so that emergency responders know the layout in advance, drill on the layout of the schools/public buildings and have this information beforehand.  For this reason alone, it is not clear why the dispatcher would need to keep Rick on the line repeatedly, nor why this was the main call we were provided.

6.  Remaining with the Rick calls, towards the end of tape #6, it sounds like Rick is being approached by SWAT/ESU officers as he announced to them "Custodian! Custodian!" on the tapes.  A few things don't make sense in this scenario... First, even if he is the custodian, in an active shooter situation, all individuals encountered would be at the very least secured and escorted off scene.  It is not a likely scenario that responding officers took his "word" that he was an unarmed custodian if in fact this was an active shooter scenario.  Even MORE UNLIKELY, is that during this exchange, Rick states he is on with Newtown Police Dispatch, and then becomes a "middle man" between the Dispatchers and Police.  We hear Rick delivering messages back and forth between Dispatch and Officers including asking for State Police backup, etc.  From the sounds of the Newtown Police audio of the incident, it appears that they utilize a Digital Radio System.  It is unlikely that a town utilizing an expensive digital radio system does not have enough radios for each officer, particularly for those entering into the active shooting scene.  Let me rephrase:  IT IS IMPOSSIBLE for Newtown Police to have officers entering into an active shooting scene without adequate communications between officers and dispatchers.  The role of Rick in this scenario becomes a bit suspect.

7.  Still remaining with Rick, he states to the dispatchers that he was "just told that there were shadows outside the gym";  he was just told this by the gym teacher.  WE DO NOT HEAR the gym teacher state this to him.  It is unlikely in a corridor, that the sound of another teacher's voice would not be picked up on audio.

8.  The woman who called stating she was shot in the foot sounded extremely calm for just being shot non-critically.  The dispatcher also sounds equally non-concerned and merely offers her to "apply pressure" and graciously says "good bye."  In an active shooting scenario, these are more likely responses / pleads from a caller who was just shot:

Take a listen to another active shooting 9-1-1 call center and listen to the difference:  (LINK TO ACTIVE SHOOTER 9-1-1 CALLS)

9.  At one point during the calls, we clearly hear one of the female dispatchers (possibly Jen) state in the background "there is a rumor this may be fake."  There is clear audio of this here:  Sandy Hook: This may be a fake (9-1-1 operator)

10.  During this event, it is reported that at least 120-140 rounds of ammunition were fired off.  Yet in the tapes, at most, we hear possibly 6 total rounds fired.  Those rounds do not sound like assault weapon rounds or shotgun shells.  They barely resemble small handgun rounds.  It is not clear what those sounds are, but this part is clear;  we simply do NOT HEAR the number of rounds being reported fired in the 9-1-1 calls.

11.  Additionally, during Rick's conversation with Newtown Police on scene, the officer he is talking to and relaying information to the dispatcher states that there are "TWO DOWN".... indicating that this police tactical team made their way from the front of the school, to the custodian, down a corridor, and somehow missed 26 other victims?  It is possible they entered from a different location, however, if the shooter was in the front, that would be where the victims were.  So then given this logic, these officers entered via the front of the school, saw the "two victims" and kept moving throughout the school, with a total tally of "TWO" victims.  What about the other 26????

These tapes will undoubtedly be reviewed by thousands of people looking for the truth as to what happened at Sandy Hook on December 14, 2012.  It is our hopes that these tapes are legitimate and that if any lives were lost on that date, we send our deepest condolences to the families.  However, based on the shroud of secrecy that this event has had since it's inception, and based on inconsistencies throughout the past year, these tapes unfortunately, leave more unanswered questions than they do actual responses to questions that have been consistently raised.

We will follow up with this as the tapes are examined further.

2 Hour Police Response Audio:


1. At 26 minutes post-incident, officer on scene DID request for an EMS unit IMMEDIATELY.  Newtown EMS units 982 and 983 were ready to respond and told to hold prior to this request.
2. By 28 minutes, Newtown Police hit out for mutual aid for ANY available EMS UNITS.
3. At 28 minutes Fire Departments were hit out for mutual aid.
4. At 29 minutes Newtown Police established a staging area for parents/students/faculty
5.  One victim was brought in by a police unit at around 25 minutes.
6. At 30 minutes, suspect vehicle plates called in:  872-YEO
8.  At 35 minutes, order was given to have all EMS units stage at Newtown Fire rather than Sandy Hook school.
9.  At 39 minutes, order given to have TRIAGE AREA set up at rear of Newtown Fire Department
10. At 41 minutes, police on scene requesting if responding EMS have a Mass Casualty Kit.  Answer: Negative.
11.  At 41:30, unit 405 reports transporting gunshot wound to foot;  conscious and alert.
12. At 44:45, order given for LAW ENFORCEMENT to stage units directly in front of school.  Not EMS.
13. At 47:45 it sounds as if EMS triage was changed to the front of Sandy Hook Elementary.
14.  At 48:30, unit 408 ordered to set up at Sandy Hook, just the truck, no trailer.
15. At 49:15, large group of people exiting Sandy Hook school via the front door.
16. At 52 minutes, although it is hard to hear, it sounds as if a request was made "just for paramedics."  This would indicate a call for "pronouncements" if in fact from this event.
17. At 52:30, Medic Unit inbound with UCON-ER Support requesting a hook-up point.
18.  At 53 minutes, dispatcher indicates there are victims in the closet in the kitchen.  (?)
19.  At 54 minutes, Unit 408 is unable to gain access to Sandy Hook;  driveway is cluttered.
20.  At 54:45, Fire indicates 4 students who left the school are to return to Sandy Hook Fire Dept.
21. At 55:40, Dispatch indicates a teacher and student are located in the kitchen again.
22. At 56:10, State PD indicate two individuals from Wayne, NJ detained;  state they were doing a documentary on "Bow Hunting."
23.  At 57:50, police request to keep roads clear for EMS to exit.
24.  At 58:50, SCENE IS DECLARED NOT ACTIVE.   6 Inbound EMS/BLS units (including AMR and 2 medic units).
25. *******At 58:50, Dispatch informs all units to continue in, AT REDUCED SPEED.******
26. At 59:30, order given to have medics enter school with AED's
27.  At 1hr 2minutes, order given to have 6 inbound EMS continue, ALL OTHER EMS to CANCEL.
****** CRITICAL NOTE:  After 60 minutes, the "Golden Hour" for shock/trauma is past, meaning chance for survival of any victim is greatly reduced;  it is not likely any victim would survive at this point. *******


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Simple "Life Rules" To Follow: It Is Easier Than You Think


1.  If you "come at me" and I use less-than-lethal force, like say pepper spray, just enjoy the 15 pain-ride, don't act tough, and say "thank you" to me when it's over... I have just taught you an important life lesson in humility.

2.  I always tip service personnel generously... At least 20%... Even if they are having a bad day.  Everyone has a bad day... Don't be so pompous and think they will be perfect every time.  Mistakes happen.  Pay it forward.

3.  Instead of saying to yourself "I want / I need" .... Chances are if you are reading this, you don't "need" anything.  Find a random stranger, or perhaps someone you know who truly does need something, like clothes or food... Give them a gift card for $25 or $50.... Watch them smile.  It's priceless... Better than any piece of garbage you could buy yourself.

4.  Treat puppies, kittens, dogs and cats humanely.  They have done nothing wrong to you.  All they want is a safe home and in return offer unconditional love.   Try finding that quality in a human... You can't.  

5.  Our elderly are too often taken advantage of.  Or neglected.  If the good Lord is kind to you, you may one day be elderly or infirm.  Remember that Karma has a wicked way of returning.  Don't be THAT person.

6.  Cherish every moment, good and bad, with your kids / spouse.  No one is guaranteed a "tomorrow."  Love them with all you have EVERY DAY.

7.  DO NOT LIE.  EVER.  The truth wins every time. Always.  A foundation built upon lies is always weak, and always always always comes crashing down at some point.  You can not cheat your way around this fact.  No one has ever been successful at living a life of lies.  Start living a truthful life today.  It's never too late to correct lies.  

8.  Always remember that no matter how bad things may seem, there is someone out there with bigger / worse problems than you.  Take a long hard look at WHY you may be in a bad situation and then take a week to develop a plan on how to fix it in BABY STEPS.  There is NEVER any shame in seeking professional help.  In fact, for some, it may be the only way to stop making bad decisions and may be the smartest thing they can do for themselves.

9.  We only have ONE planet Earth.  Treat her as kindly as possible and make your own small contribution to cut back on unnecessary waste.

10.  Find just one person, and make it a point to laugh with them at least once a day.  You will be amazed how much it will lift BOTH of your souls.

11.  Always be sure to say "please," "thank you," "excuse me," and "I'm sorry."  Politeness and respect towards others goes a very long way and is contagious.  No one is exempt from this basic rule.  

12.  If you are a man like I am, always treat women with respect.  Open doors for them.  Offer to help.  Offer to listen.  And don't ever hit them, ever.  Compliment a woman every day no matter how small... 

13.  You are part of society.  Don't expect a "free-ride" as no one owes you anything.  Contribute in any way you possibly can to make the world a better place.  Even a small contribution helps.  It is better than sitting back and expecting goods & services to simply be handed to you.

14.  Volunteer.  Everyone has some extra free time.  Volunteer (even small chunks of time) to help others.  If you physically can't, donate to a charity.  Or write a letter to a Congressperson on something you believe needs fixing.  Life is a "participation event."  Be involved somehow.

These are just a few things I will be doing starting today.... Pick a few to start with, and see how much better you and those that benefit from your positive actions start to feel.  Have a great Holiday Season. -S.A.