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Monday, August 18, 2014


Excerpt From US State Department Press Briefing 8/18/14:

"QUESTION: Germany?
MS. HARF: Yes.
QUESTION: These reports of the German intelligence services intercepting supposedly, accidentally these phone calls of Secretary – former Secretary Clinton and Secretary Kerry. Do you have a reaction to that, and have there been any conversations between this building and German counterparts about this?
MS. HARF: I don’t have any reaction to that. I think I will let those reports stand without a comment.
QUESTION: During the whole uproar – well, continuing uproar over the NSC – or NSA eavesdropping allegations, the standard line from this building, from the White House, and from the intel community was that we engage in the same kind of intelligence collection as every other --
MS. HARF: And we have a very close --
QUESTION: -- as any other government.
MS. HARF: -- working relationship with Germany to fight shared threats together.
QUESTION: Would you tell --
MS. HARF: I would still agree with that line.
QUESTION: You would?
MS. HARF: Mm-hmm.
QUESTION: And you would include Germany in the – in that calculus?
MS. HARF: I don’t have more --
QUESTION: I’m just wondering if you --
MS. HARF: Don’t have more specifics to outline.
QUESTION: -- are taking some kind of, I don’t know, if you’re smiling a little bit because the Germans have been apparently caught at the same game they were complaining that you were doing, you were engaged in.
MS. HARF: I don’t think I have any more comment on those allegations.
QUESTION: Do you think that it’s possible for --
MS. HARF: But you are right; we did say that, and I would stand by those comments we have said.
QUESTION: Do you think it is possible for a foreign intelligence outfit to accidentally intercept – and I would ask you to draw on your experience across the river – to accidentally intercept the phone calls of a – or a phone call of the Secretary of State or a foreign minister?
MS. HARF: I really don’t have anything more for you on this, and I don’t know."

This is starting to fit as a missing piece of the puzzle from the cryptic message by President Obama in this video which FNN posted 10 days ago:

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