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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Recently, on 8/8/14, we published a video on YouTube where in President Obama had made some comments earlier in the week that seemed very "off the cuff" in nature, didn't make much sense, nor had any bearing on any current issues that were in the forefront of the mainstream media.  You can view that video here:

In partiality, President Obama had made a comment about the United States current financial outlook, and used the examples of Boeing Aircraft, GE Turbine Engines, as well as the countries of China and Germany.  None of it made sense when the video was posted.  IT SHOULD BE NOTED HOWEVER, that very little is ever said publicly, that is not being discussed PRIVATELY somewhere at some level of our Government.  Since this statement is generally a truism, the clock started on 8/8/14 for the connections to fall into place... the waiting game started as we waited for the dots to be connected with "Boeing," "GE," "Germany" and "China."

Since that time, one of my subscribers, +Moderate Fkr quickly pointed out an article he found about an hour after that video was posted connecting Boeing Aircraft and Iran (Click link for that article).  So that was one down... although we find it interesting that the US is allowing quite a bit of latitude with IRAN lately.  So much so, that Iran was able to enter into a contract with Boeing and Iranian flagship carrier Iran Air, becoming the first US company to do so since 1979, Agence France-Presse reported Thursday, referencing to the company’s report. According to the contract, Boeing will provide the Iranian airline with airplane parts, manuals, navigation charts, and consultations on plane modification, parts installation and checks. 

Additionally, on 8/11/14, the State Department announced the following statements regarding IRAN:

"On Iran, on behalf of the U.S. Government, we wish to extend our sincere condolences to the family and friends of those who lost their lives on a Sepahan air flight, which crashed shortly after takeoff outside of Tehran, Iran yesterday. There are no reports of any U.S. citizens on the flight. We are aware of reports that Iranian authorities are investigating the crash, and again wanted to extend our since condolences as well.

On a happier note, we want to welcome the Iranian men’s national volleyball team to the U.S. to wish them well on their series of friendly matches against the U.S. national team. The Iranian team arrived in the U.S. late last week. They’ve already played one in a series of four matches against the U.S. team. On Saturday night, the teams played to a full crowd at the Galen Center on the campus of the University of Southern California. The match was close, but the U.S. team won three games to one. The remaining matches will take place on the 13th, 15th, and 16th of August all in southern California."

Call me crazy, but it is sounding more and more as if Iran is now an ally of the US, and not an adversary.  Which is fine... there has never been a problem with the citizens of Iran to my knowledge.  Even the allegations regarding Iran's President haven't been backed up by any hard-core proof that I have seen (if anyone does have such proof, I would be more than happy to take a look at it).

Yesterday, Marie Harf at the US State Department made the second connection with China:

Ms. Harf stated "...we’re not the ones that are fomenting instability there. It’s the aggressive actions the Chinese have taken that are doing so. Everything we are doing is designed to lower tensions, to get people to resolve their differences diplomatically and not through coercive or destabilizing measures, like we’ve seen the Chinese take increasingly over the past several months."

At this point, all we need is the connection between GE and ultimately Germany.  It will appear shortly I'm sure... time will tell.  -SA

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