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Thursday, September 11, 2014



9/11/14 - Nashville, TN
By: Scott Anthony - Medical Investigator (FNN)
       Jason Knight - Medical Investigator (STTM)

An unidentified 31 year old female is now one of the first known adult patients who has been afflicted with the Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68).  According to an unnamed source, the mother of the patient that is currently undergoing treatment for the illness stated:

"She has been sick for 4 days and Dr.'s were dumbfounded because her symptoms were cold, flu like but lungs were clear. Yesterday, at my insistence, they ran the test. Didn't want to and pretty much told us it was a waste of time. She gets a call today from office and they were speechless. It was confirmed this is what she has. This virus is spreading quickly and is now affecting more than children."

The mother of the adult patient further went on record stating "She is doing breathing treatments with the highest dose of prednisone. It's helping a little. This stuff is nothing to play around with!  People need to know what's going on because people in government will not tell us the truth! Pass the word on to be careful and if you get sick, demand they test for this!"

Another source talking with the mother of the 31 year old female patient had this to say:  "I have a friend in Asheville who just had it too, he's mid 30's. He said it was burning around his lungs and even heart to start with- hit very fast and knocked him out for 5 days. Another friend in Atlanta has nearly the same symptoms- started with stuff in the throat and then burning lungs. A friend in West Virginia said the Emergency Department was filled with sick children yesterday too."

Many others who had read about this patient's condition also provided anecdotal accounts of their own experiences with what may be the same Enterovirus D68, all of which appear to have similar symptoms:

  • Strong "cold-like" symptoms
  • Clear lungs (according to x-rays and physician assessments) but are treated with "steroids" for "asthma-like" or "bronchitis-like" symptoms
  • Headaches
  • General body aches, malaise
  • Cough
  • Sore / scratchy throat
  • Heavy "mucous" / expectorate 
Most of the cases being reported via social media appear to be in the Southeast region, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, Florida and Iowa.  This would extend the disease swath a bit wider than the original 10, then 12 states as listed by the CDC.

From the stories collected via social media, there appears to be a high level of distrust with what the CDC / US Government is "officially saying" and people are taking matters into their own hands which includes seeking appropriate symptomatic treatment in the Emergency Department, demanding that they be tested for this specific pathogen despite the official stance that it generally only affects minors;  the reports we are getting now seem to indicate a shift in patient demographics to include those in their late 20's to early 50's.   

Many people appear to also be taking a more cautious approach to EV-D68 including "homeopathic" remedies / prevention measures which include high doses of Vitamin C, high doses of Vitamin D, maintaining the body's pH in a more "alkaline" state and possibly using colloidal silver as a method to keep the Enterovirus D68 in "check."

At this time, FNN is attempting to collect more information including more specific data on these currently reported patients with EV-D68 symptoms, as well as a statement from the CDC.  We will provide more information as it arrives.

About The Medical Investigation Team:

Scott Anthony is a Licensed Healthcare Practitioner experienced with Emergency Medicine, Emergency Management, Law Enforcement and Emergency Services.

Jason Knight is an experienced Virologist / Microbiologist working with deadly pathogens requiring BioSafety Level 4 (BSL4) precautions (microbes like Ebola, Lassa, Marburgh and other deadly pathogens).

Initial Story Source: GLP

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