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Sunday, September 21, 2014



September 21, 2014
By: Scott Anthony

As many of our followers know, we are staunch United States of America patriots, and believe that each and every American should be afforded the full protections and rights as granted by our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  To that end, we also believe that the US Government has a responsibility to be as transparent as possible (without divulging National Security interests) as promised by President Obama.  To date, that promise has not been upheld.  Many of our subscribers, and many others who we follow on social media, are highly skeptical of the way our current Administration is behaving, the way it is handling foreign and domestic affairs as well as the way it is treating "everyday" Americans in general.  Confidence in the current administration is at an all time low, while people struggle to make sense of very serious issues that appear to be propagating out of thin air:  Ebola, ISIS, Enterovirus... the list keeps growing and gets more serious with each passing day.

This is not to say that all US Government personnel (on the Federal level) are bad;  we know there are many in Congress, in the White House, in the State Department, in the Defense Department, and other Agencies, that truly want only the best for its constituents.  While we remain cautiously optimistic, time and again, we have witnessed how the current Administration just can't seem to grasp on to these serious issues or produce a coherent message for the American Public.  It is for this reason alone, that we keep moving forward with probing questions, demanding answers for what appears to be "on-the-fly" policy decisions, as well as maintaining pressure on social media for answers from those who are entrusted to provide Americans with the answers.

Some might say we have eaten a bit too much "paranoia pie."  We disagree.

It is our position, that since Colin Powell left office as Secretary of State, the United States has not seen or produced another Diplomat, or for that matter, a President, that has had the best interests of the United States at heart.  That is a harsh statement to make, but it is our opinion none-the-less.  Secretary Powell was a person of distinction, honor, and was one of the few public figures of reason in any recent White House administration.  Arguably, he probably should have been given the tap for the Presidency following George Bush ("Sonny").  But having been duped by the Bush administration into selling the world on a goose-chase for weapons of mass destruction that never existed in Iraq, that administration took the one person who would have been capable of steering the ship of the United States in the right direction, and had him slowly disappear into the shadows of the political sidelines.

Let's be clear... WE NEED A GENERAL COLIN POWELL RIGHT NOW!   While many may think he sold-out to the Bush regime, he in fact questioned nearly every foreign policy either publicly or privately, and often, his opinion were simply overridden by Cheney and Rumsfeld.  Condaleeza Rice was not much help either in her role as National Security Advisor.  The top-four of that administration took matters into their own hands, despite the urging by Powell not to engage militarily in Iraq, and certainly not to take out Sadam Hussein with the minimal, and ultimately incredibly poor "intelligence" that was used to sell the world on invading Iraq yet again.  That was not the fault of Secretary Powell.  As a "soldier's-soldier" and as past Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under two separate Administrations, then General Powell knew what going to war really meant.  He also knew that there needed to be a proper reason to enter into war, a detailed method of exiting Iraq, and certainly, there needed to be leaders in the Administration willing to own any and all mistakes that Sec. Powell clearly outlined... several times before going to the United Nations.

We no longer have any Colin Powell's.  They don't appear to be present.  Our current Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, while probably well intentioned, have been entirely waffling on the topic of ISIS.  One week, they are minor-league, the next they are the worst entity we've ever seen... only to be followed up by other statements that are somewhere in-between, or less.  Is it that our Intelligence is just that bad, or are the Cabinet members that comprise this Administration just completely incompetent to do their jobs? In watching General Dempsey, I do believe that he understands, just like Colin Powell did, that ultimately, United States soldiers will need to be involved on the ground once again in Iraq to deal with ISIS.  However, he is no Colin Powell.

There is simply a complete lack of confidence in anything being broadcast from the White House, or any of its Departments and Agencies.  And we can't overlook the numerous blunders from multiple Departments ranging from the Department of the Treasury (IRS), the VA, the Department of Health and Human Services, The Bureau of Land Management, the Department of Justice, ICE, Homeland Security, among others.  I'm sure as the fog of this Administration starts to lift after 2016 (since Impeachment of this President seems less and less likely), we will only then start to see just how badly our Federal Government really has become.  Just looking at the complete mismanagement of this Administration now, and knowing what we do publicly even with those close to the Administration trying to run damage-control 24/7, one can only wonder just what atrocities await once this Administration clears out, and we find out just how bad it REALLY is.

This is a message of hope;  one that in all sincerity I hope all of those in this Administration read and take to heart, because we do speak for many people.  We hope, that this Administration will reflect back on the past 6 years, realize that the mismanagement has occurred on nearly every level of government, and do some soul-searching.  The campaign promise of "Yes We Can" has become a joke to those who follow what is happening in Washington, and would have been more appropriately titled "We are going to try..." but that wouldn't win an election.  Everyone makes mistakes.  No one can blame you for being human;  it is always appropriate to try and fail, then to not try at all.  But it is not appropriate to try, fail, then cover up the mistakes, or worse, keep going down a failed path and retry it all over again.  It is NEVER too late to admit mistakes, major mistakes were made.

Even on a local level, we see that mistakes are being made, and yet, change doesn't happen.  One look at Ferguson is all one needs to do to realize just how divided, untrusting and fearful Americans are of their own government.  While lawmakers continuously seek to limit or quell the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, the actions of this Administration are only bolstering the People's will and might to not only retain, but purchase more firearms.  They simply don't trust our Government, and we DO NOT BLAME THEM.  

America is at a crossroads.  Even people that don't follow politics in general feel that something is just "off" at the White House.  We have read or seen commentary that our President is "checked out" and simply no longer wants the job.  We have seen or read commentary that Secretary of State Kerry is simply acting as a "Car Salesman" for a lame-duck President trying to manipulate America and its allies into another military engagement it can not win strategically by air-power alone.

While the Administration issues "Red Lines" not to be crossed and offers sabre-rattling towards ISIS, other countries sit back and snicker.  President Putin, while probably feeling some of the financial sanctions in place for invading Ukraine, has no respect for the President or Secretary Kerry.  He is well aware that America right now, is full of hot air.  So much so that Putin is sending hard-core military hardware near US airspace prompting NORAD to scramble F-22's to intercept.  China is forging ahead with serious nuclear submarine programs and basically owns America, at least in theory.   Iran, also laughs at the United States and its attempts to solve Middle East issues.  Sryria's President Assad, while publicly stating he will assist in fighting ISIS, also gets a chuckle from the multiple "red-lines" that can be crossed with zero repercussions by the very President who issued them.

America needs a Colin Powell right now.  There are no two ways about it.  America needs a leader;  one who is accountable at ALL LEVELS for both our successes, but failures as well.  And certainly one that can admit when things go horribly off-course.  America needs a real Commander-in-Cheif... one that knows about the atrocities of war as well as the strategies of committing US Service Members into harms way with minimal risk, a clear mission and an exit strategy.  We just don't have that now.  We need a Diplomat, who knows how the opposition thinks, behaves and operates... on all levels, understands their strengths and weaknesses and knows what ultimately motivates them as a Nation.   We need a Manager, who is able to effectively coordinate multiple Departments, put in the proper personnel to provide honest oversight and accountability, and inform via the chain of command all known flaws and mishaps along the way.

This is what we need.  This is what we expect.  This is what we need you to do.  Now.

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