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Friday, October 3, 2014



Flash News Network (FNN) is dedicated to providing the best Independent News available.  This is accomplished via both traditional news gathering / reporting as well as collaborating with other Independent Publishers / Journalists.

It is through collaboration that we can provide our readers, and those who are seeking only the best Independent News sources, information that otherwise might be overlooked or under-reported.  Often is the case that a potentially serious news story may only garner the spotlight for a 24 hour period only to disappear forever.  Through our collaborative process, we ensure that those stories that may have long-lasting effects do not disappear forever.  We continue to ask the hard questions, seek out as much fact as possible and provide our readers / viewers with the best information possible until the the story has concluded or is resolved.

To that extent, we have added two additional news feeds onto our website ( which are easily viewed on the right hand side of our site located right under our official Twitter Feed. 

The two sites located there presently are:

1.  Saving The Truth Movement (STTM):  Jason K / Investigative Journalist with a specialization in Biohazard Events and Virology.   Jason has extensive experience in the field of working with BioSafety Level 4 viruses / pathogens, and has been a key source of information since early this year regarding the Ebola outbreak that started in West Africa, and which ultimately ended up in the United States by October, 2014.  According to Jason, Saving the Truth Movement's mission includes the following:

 "Many of us believe that in the coming months things around the world, especially in the US are about to change. We are not claiming the end of the world. We just know that our way of life is going to be much different than what it is right now. In those regards, if you are interested in prepping or would like to know more/be guided in the right direction there are numerous people here that can help. Stay safe in this ever-changing world."

Saving The Truth Movement Website
Saving the Truth Movement G+ Community

2.  Alternative News Gatherer (ANG):  Michelle Vaitkus -  Ms. Vaitkus runs this Independent News Agency which focuses on news items that are important to you and your family.  According to Michelle, the mission of ANG is to provide coverage of news stories that might otherwise be missed by mainstream media sources, or only get minimal coverage even though it may be a story that could have direct impact on many people's lives.  

Michelle states  "There is so much going on in this world that the main stream just doesn't cover as they don't want us to know. Well, I find it and I post it and let you decide for yourself. There is so much covered up and folks are so busy with their own lives that they don't take notice to what is really happening around them. Well, that is where I come in. I let you know about the stuff that is important so you can protect yourself and your loved ones. Stay safe, stay informed. Remember, KIP=Knowledge is Power and the more you know the better you can be prepared for anything."

ANG Website:

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