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Friday, October 24, 2014


October 24, 2014

FNN is attempting to get more details on the Emergency Alert Notification that was "allegedly" sent from the White House this morning in the Atlanta Metro area.

The message, claiming to be an emergency alert issued by The White House, notified viewers that their programming was being re-directed to another channel. The alert is part of the EAN or Emergency Alert Notification. Engineers with FOX 5 say the alert can only be activated by the President in times of emergency. 

U-Verse engineers tell FOX 5 staff the message appeared on screens around Atlanta, Dallas, Michigan and Austin, Texas. 

Callers from across the FOX 5 viewing area reported the message. 

There are no known actual emergency alerts that would have prompted activation of the government's Emergency Alert Notification System, which is used by broadcasters and the government to warn of emergency situations.  

Statement from AT&T: "Earlier today U-verse TV customers may have received an Emergency Alert notification. We have confirmed that there is no emergency at this time and we are investigating why this occurred. We apologize for any inconvenience." 

FNN also has seen unsubstantiated reports from North Carolina, Texas and Michigan.  Various people expressed concern about the message via various social media and message forums, a few of which experienced brief outages around noon today.

Later on Friday, and Saturday October 25th, we became aware that FEMA has made a statement somewhere that it was "the Bobby Bones Show" that caused the EAN alert somehow, although we still are not clear how this would be possible.  We contacted Bobby Bones on Monday, October 27th:

FNN learned that a website dedicated to Radio Broadcasting had a quote from the Tennessee Broadcasters Association:

10/24/14 - An EAN (rebroadcast from the National EAS Test in 2011) was launched in error this morning. The Tennessee Association of Broadcasters (TAB) reported the source was a board operator a Nashville FM station, relayed by satellite to other markets, including Atlanta GA, Detroit MI, and Austin TX. (Some screen shots of TV alerts can be seen here.)

The tones from the test were dated November 9th and from "COMCAST" ... but it originated, as you can hear here, on the "Bobby Bones Show." On the audio track, the "talent" is making some comment on the previous night's baseball game, but goes way off the reservation with the tones. Curiously, if he had done as he said, replayed a local area test, it would not have gone very far. But the FCC has said that EANs should be carried immediately.

(Note: The FCC has stated that EANs must run "immediately," regardless of time-stamp.) Source:

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