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Wednesday, October 29, 2014



Admittedly, we don't know Kaci Hickox personally, nor professionally.  What we know of Nurse Hickox, the RN who was "voluntarily" quarantined at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ (UMDNJ) in Newark, NJ, is that she had applied to travel abroad and serve those in other countries that were in need of quality healthcare services.

It wasn't until Nurse Hickox arrived at Newark International Airport in NJ that Hickox found herself in the uncomfortable situation of having to undergo an extensive Ebola Screening and temporary quarantine enforced by Governor Chris Christie at UMDNJ.  The quarantine, according to Christie, was well within the scope of protecting the general public;  Kaci Hickox was in a known area infested with Ebola and she arrived at Newark International Airport with an elevated temperature;  this would place her into the CDC's recommended group of persons to be automatically quarantined.
PHOTO OF KACI HICKOX:  UTArlington Alumni Magazine

The Obama administration has been pushing the governors of New York and New Jersey to reverse their decision ordering all medical workers returning from West Africa who had contact with Ebola patients to be quarantined, an administration official said.

But on Sunday both governors, Andrew M. Cuomo of New York and Chris Christie of New Jersey, stood by their decision saying that the federal guidelines did not go far enough.

At the same time, the first person to be forced into isolation under the new protocols, Kaci Hickox, a nurse returning from Sierra Leone, planned to mount a legal challenge to the quarantine order. Despite having no symptoms, she has been kept under quarantine at a hospital in New Jersey. On Sunday, she spoke to CNN about the way she has been treated, describing it as “inhumane.”

The condemning words Nurse Hickox used to describe her treatment is ironic, as she recently returned from West Africa treating Ebola patients in what most would describe as "less than ideal" conditions.  At Flash News Network, we know UMDNJ and know that it is highly unlikely that Hickox was treated poorly.  According to Governor Christie, she was provided free internet service as well as some of the best take-out food that was delivered to her in her isolation unit.

The part that Hickox left out from her litany of complaints to the media about her "unfair" or "inhumane" treatment, is that she volunteered for this line of work.  In fact, she actually works FOR THE CDC.... take a look:

(Continuation of the UTArlington Alumni Magazine Article from above)

In fact, when you read the article, her own words describe her mission in life as well as her association with the CDC:

"It just made sense to pursue a two-year postgraduate fellowship in applied epidemiology with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Las Vegas.

Think of the CDCP’s Epidemic Intelligence Service as the CIA of public health. EIS teams respond to
crises such as the West Nile virus and the pandemic H1N1 influenza outbreak. Hickox ’02 will work with the country’s top epidemiologists to analyze and improve health and disease surveillance.

Her first overseas project came in 2004 with the International Medical Corps after the tsunami in Indonesia. “While the work there was difficult and challenging, both professionally and emotionally, it also made me feel alive in a new way,” she says."

We do admire healthcare professionals that dedicate their lives to serving those in need, that certainly is not the issue.  The concern comes in when as a Nurse, Kaci Hickox knows that being exposed to those with Ebola and presenting into the United States with an elevated temperature would undoubtedly be a cause for concern.

Even Governor Christie, who has ultimate responsibility for the general welfare of all NJ residents, felt compassion for Ms. Hickox.  However, Christie is responsible for everyone in the State, and the risk of letting Ms. Hickox run freely, might ultimately lead to another incident similar to the one in NY with Dr. Spencer (bowling ally needed to close, taxi service needed to contact trace clients and those who rode the same subway as Dr. Spencer needed to be made aware of the possible Ebola exposure risk).

There are unconfirmed statements on the internet that Ms. Hickox is returning to her home State of Maine, and if forced to be quarantined there, is threatening to sue the State.  This is fairly harsh banter from a Nurse who works for the CDC in our opinion.  As more facts on this story develop, we will make them available.


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IMPORTANT DATA:  11 of the 18 (61%) of Ebola cases outside of West Africa, were in Healthcare Providers (Physician / Nurses).  

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