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Thursday, October 23, 2014


October 23, 2014
In what appears to be a near impossibility, President Obama specifically states during a press briefing held in the White House, 10/22/2014, that the current Ebola outbreak both in the US and West Africa, could in fact be used as a “Trial Run” for a more deadly, airborne pathogen.  This is something that I have been reporting on for months now, since at least August, if not July, 2014 and earlier. 

It is by NO COINCIDENCE that the term “Trial Run” was utilized.  It has been a long time belief that Ebola (at least in the U.S.) would not be a major pandemic, however, it would be utilized to see just how people react, how the government would react and how certain agencies would handle the general public and flow of information.
Fortunately, myself, Jason K, and several others (you can find them all on my youtube channel or website) have been digging in with our heels to figure out what exactly the Administration, and likely other governments were really up to with the Ebola outbreak.  After all, it didn’t fit the NATURAL viral outbreak pattern, it was NEVER started in an area where the virus usually would occur, and the fact that ONE case was brought into the US, is highly suspicious.  That said, please watch the video above… as it tells you, with 100% certainty, exactly what the plan was for Ebola in the US.

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