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Thursday, October 16, 2014


October 16, 2014

In light of the recent events that have occurred in Texas, specifically the Ebola virus that has infected two of our Nation's RN's, Ms. Amber Joy Vinson and Ms. Nina Pham, we felt it important to send out this message.

These two nurses are on the front-line of battle against an enemy that can not be seen.  Unfortunately for these two brave women, their battle-wounds come in the form of a deadly infectious agent; an infectious agent that indeed could very well be a weaponized bug, as it is listed as a Class A Pathogen (suitable for BioWeapons).

While the investigation started today in Congress, we applaud the Representative from Louisiana,  who acknowledged them both by name during the hearings, rather than simply the cold and distant "Nurse 1" and "Nurse 2" that the CDC and others would rather utilized to dehumanize their personal losses.

While we understand that Nurse Pham is currently in stable condition, we also hope and pray for a speedy recovery while Nurse Vinson is treated at Emory Hospital in Georgia;  both face a difficult time in the near future.

At FNN, we are outraged at the implication that either of these two nurses "broke protocols" set by the CDC, or did anything that "breached a standard of practice."  As educated professionals, these two women would not jeopardize their own lives, the lives of other patients or their friends and families.  To make such bold statements, or even the implication, is abhorrent and both Nurses are owed a Public Apology by those who have made the accusations.

While we will continue to provide full coverage of the Ebola crisis, we wanted to take this time to THANK THE NURSES IN TEXAS, and across the Nation for the difficult, and often "thankless" jobs that you do.  We do know that being an RN / LPN / LVN or Nurses Aide is highly rewarding, and that you don't seek out verbal "thank you's"... 

Be that as it may, WE THANK YOU... and we support each and every nurse in their efforts to maintain the health of our citizens.  We support you in getting your voices heard and we support any nurse who speaks out against systems, protocols or procedures that either violate "Safe Practice" or your own State's "Nurse Practice Act."  There are always Safe Harbors for those who report unsafe policies / practices, and we support those who do.  After all, by reporting unsafe conditions, you are saving more than yourself... you are saving everyone!

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