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Friday, February 13, 2015


EDITORIAL:  2/13/2015

Below is an excerpt from a little-known blogger and video maker known only as "CW Wade."  Mr. Wade has accused many investigating the events at Sandy Hook Elementary School on 12/14/2012 as being vile criminals who cyberstalk, harass, intimidate family members of victims and a host of other inhumane activities;  all of which is unsubstantiated.

Mr. Wade is part of the HONR Network which is a self-proclaimed "Internet Police" unit that has no official powers or authorizations to do so, yet, they have taken it upon themselves to attempt to shut down channels on YouTube, the largest video sharing network on the internet currently.  This has been done illegally via DMCA filings which automatically get videos taken down on the sharing site until the copyright claim can either be substantiated or not.  To our knowledge via multiple networking teams, all claims have thus far proven to be frivolous in nature, and is an abuse of a reporting tool that should be reserved only for legitimate copyright claims.  

In fact, the HONR Network has taken these claims so far as to implicate larger channels on the video sharing network such as Alex Jones.   Jone's in a statement the other day said he plans on fighting any efforts by the HONR Network and will do so legally, in a court of law.  Jones further states that Mr. Pozner is taking the proper and ethical use of DMCA claims a step too far, and is using such claims to stop investigative journalists like Jones, Tyranny News Network, Flash News Network, Free Radio Revolution and others from doing valid research and reporting.  None of the aforementioned outlets have used any illegal or unethical methods, yet appear to be facing the brunt of attacks by either Mr. Pozner, or others who work with him such as Mr. Wade.

In a twist of events, Mr. Wade now claims that his free speech has been tampered with, and is planning on filing a motion in court as his own social media channel is allegedly coming under fire according to him.  Mr. Wade writes on his blog:

We can't help but be amused that CW Wade is now claiming that he is a victim of the very tactics that have been used against legitimate investigative journalists since the date of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  The very claims being stated by Wade are the very tactics used by CW Wade and the HONR Network against hundreds of channels.

The above demonstrates that playing with fire is always a bad idea, as sometimes the small flames that start, explode into an uncontrolled blaze, the size and scope of which no one could really predict. It has always been our position to let others say what they want;  we do that by NOT filing DMCA claims even when our content is being used without permission, as well as by allowing any and all comments on any of our social media or websites.  We do not censor  any news, whether we agree or disagree with it.  Censorship in any form, is dangerous, and we have gone on record saying this several times.

It's a shame that grown men, like Mr. Wade and the owners of the HONR Network, have used unethical tactics in the past, as now, there are unknown elements using the very strong-arm methods they once employed.  We do not condone identity theft, however, we can't help but be amused at some of the irony as those in the HONR Network have hidden behind a name and have never come forward to make any true formal complaints.  By doing so, their true identity would need to be revealed, and it appears for now, that is something that they don't want to do.  

As always, we encourage your thoughts and comments on this topic and other news issues, and as always we must urge everyone, including the HONR Network, to practice journalism appropriately, ethically and of course, legally.

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