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Monday, July 11, 2016


July 10, 2016

There really is no other way to look at this event.  James Comey, FBI Director, stated before the House Oversight Committee several times that Hillary Clinton did in fact expose the highest levels of United States Secrets to the world.

What I can't also simply excuse, is the "secret meeting" between former President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a hot tarmac in Arizona just days before the FBI were set to meet with Secretary Hillary Clinton.  The appearance of impropriety was noticed world-wide.

With that said, rumors (unconfirmed at this time) are that Hillary Clinton invoked her Fifth Amendment Right to remain silent during her "interview" on Saturday,  July 2nd.  I suppose she hedged her bets on the fact that the "Clinton Sphere of Influence" would be strong enough after the former President talked about his "grandkids" on a Government owned plane.

The question remains though, who was on that plane with Loretta Lynch?  Her meetings with any persons are to be recorded, even if it's a private meeting.  This too is being questioned in many areas of the "curious" amongst us.  We will likely never know what was said, however, we have video evidence of how it may have went, as evidenced by FBI Director Comey, delivering a scathing list of violations Hillary Clinton committed, then dropped the other shoe by stating he would not recommend charges on July 6th.

As such, Americans were left stunned by this announcement followed up by a Congressional Hearing that was emergently convened.  Below is a quick summation of what was said.  For now, I leave it up to you, the readers and viewers, to decide what really happened with Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch.  I think it's fairly obvious given the video we have of the Hearing.  Take a look.

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