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Friday, August 12, 2016


August 12, 2016 
(Reuters Reporting)

"Hillary Clinton on Friday released her 2015 tax returns, which showed the Democratic presidential nominee and her husband had $10.75 million in income that year and paid an effective federal tax rate of 34.2 percent.

In 2015, the Clintons made $1 million in charitable contributions, mostly to the Clinton Foundation; former President Bill Clinton brought in nearly $5.3 million in speaking fees; and the former secretary of state reported income of $3 million from publisher Simon & Schuster for her book on her tenure at the State Department.

Clinton's running mate, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, along with his wife, Anne Holton, released 10 years of tax returns. They paid a federal effective tax rate of 20.3 percent in 2015.

"Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine continue to set the standard for financial transparency," Clinton campaign aide Jennifer Palmieri said in a statement. "In stark contrast, Donald Trump is hiding behind fake excuses and backtracking on his previous promises to release his tax returns."

It is customary for U.S. presidential candidates to make their tax returns public, although they are not required by law to do so.

Clinton's tax returns have been made public, in some form, every year since 1977.

Trump, a New York businessman, and his lawyers have cited an audit by the Internal Revenue Service as a reason for his refusal to release his returns. Trump also has said his taxes are no one's business and that they reveal little.

"Your move," Clinton campaign aide Ian Sams said on Twitter, linking to the Democratic nominee's returns.

The IRS has said Trump can release his tax returns even while under audit.

On Thursday, Trump’s special counsel, Michael Cohen, told CNN he would not allow Trump to release them until the audits are complete."


FNN Opinion:  While it's noble of the Clinton's to release their tax returns, it is also a statement of fact that currently they are not under an IRS audit.  Nor have they been advised by legal counsel to not release their returns as is the case with Mr. Trump.  

While many Americans are in fact interested in Mr. Trump's tax returns, Mr. Trump has said repeatedly on multiple interviews, that upon the completion of the audit, he will gladly release his returns.  It is not difficult to understand the logic behind such a move;  while under audit, IRS investigators, while they may be professionals, would likely still hear about the "court of public opinion" should any minor anomalies be located on any part of his returns.  Undoubtedly, liberal media outlets would broadcast some form of conspiracy or concealment regarding said anomalies, thus the potential of tainting an otherwise routine audit.

To put this into perspective, Hillary Clinton was advised by legal counsel during the Benghazi hearings as well as the FBI Investigation into her emails.  Her comments were nearly nonexistent to the press, as anything she said could and would be used against her.  She followed legal advice most likely to refrain from engaging the topic.

Why the Clinton camp now suddenly has issues understanding such a basic concept is ironic at best.  Mr. Trump is smart not taking the bait.  In our opinion, there is no rush to release returns.  There is no question on his citizenship or other legal qualifications to seek the office of the Presidency.

We would question if and when Hillary Clinton will release her most recent complete Neurological Examination post-concussion and all follow up assessments, as well as any other concurrent medical conditions that may be present.  Nothing stated here is meant to say that it would disqualify her as a candidate, however, there is a general consensus among many that Hillary may be suffering from either early onset dementia or neurological effects from prior head trauma (Fox News 8/11/16).

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