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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Donald Tump Meets With Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto: Destroys Hillary Clinton Campaign

August 31, 2016
Comments of President Enrique Pena Nieto
United Mexican States / Donald J. Trump (Republican Candidate for President of the United States)

Mexican President Nieto expresses appreciation that Donald Trump has taken the time to meet with Mexico regarding mutual issues.

Together we can find greater prosperity and independence which is the basic principle of everything we value.

Of course we need to review areas of opportunities on both sides of the border and misunderstandings.  And agreements in place should be reviewed as well.

An invitation was sent to both Trump and Clinton, but as of today, only met with Donald Trump.

We may disagree on several issues, but your presence here in Mexico demonstrates we have common ground.  We share the border and there are great interests both countries share.  Trade goes over 5 Billion dollars per year.  The daily cooperation between our governments is more important as days go by to face challenges in an ever changing world.

Today we exchanged open and honest discussions to get to know each other, and how to better bilateral agreements.  The Free Trade Agreement has benefited both Mexico and the US.  200 Billion per year in exports per year to Mexico and 6 million US jobs are dependent on Mexico.  Mexico purchases more from the US than Spain, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Japan COMBINED.

Many jobs in the US were sent to other countries because there has been so much competition, but the majority of exports are from the United States and our region.

There is improvement that could be reached in the NAFTA agreement, and should be reviewed so that both countries benefit… including Telecom.

I don’t believe that trade should be considered an effort where one wins and one loses… both parties should benefit in North America, and North America should be the strongest trade partner in the world.

As far as the border, the vision is clear, the border must be transformed into an asset for the region.  There have been many strides made with the Obama Administration, but there is room for improvement so that the border becomes safer.  Too many undocumented workers migrating to the US hit its peak 10 years ago.  But there is still drugs, and criminals crossing the border, including non-Mexicans utilizing the border to cross into the U.S.  The illegal influx of weapons and money every year, thousands of weapons and millions of dollars come in from the U.S. to the drug cartels in Mexico, which makes the cartels stronger and Mexico unsafe in certain regards, and this must be stopped.

Illegal drugs, money and weapons must be stopped and the flow of weapons and cash must be stopped to weaken the cartels, particularly with cash and weapons.  This is a joint opportunity for both countries in infrastructure, personnel and efforts to secure the border.  This is best achieved by cooperative operations where both countries participate in the efforts.

The U.S. and Mexico work together with their mutual Homeland Security department on a daily basis, exchanging information and working to maintain national security in both countries due to the ever growing challenges in a dangerous world.  There will be significant collaboration moving forward to make sure North America is the strongest it can be to face threats on a daily basis.

Mexicans in America are hard working, decent, family oriented and law-abiding people and make significant contributions to the United States and as the Mexican President it is my job to ensure their safety wherever they are.  We must move forward on the basis of mutual respect, trust and joint attention to the challenges that we share in common.  The Mexican government shall be completely respectful of the election process in the U.S.   I respect your efforts to have an open dialogue as it enables us to reach greater understanding of everyones concerns and is the proper way to go.

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