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Monday, September 12, 2016



For the life of me,  I can not tell which entity is the greater evil;  The Clinton Campaign Machine, or the Mainstream Media.

By and large, with the exception of certain journalists in each major news outlet, there appears to be an overwhelming effort to simply accept any statements provided by the Clinton Campaign as absolute fact, while ignoring the blatantly glaring irregularities with said statements.  Additionally, if it were not for Independent Media (generally labelled as "Alt Right," "Extremist" or "Conspiracy Theorist") many of the issues that are present and surrounding the Clinton Campaign would barely be brought to light.

That isn't to say that the Trump Campaign should go unchecked either, so that is more or less my disclaimer statement.  When either candidate states something as fact, it should be verified and checked.  And that is where my issue lies.

Donald Trump, master of media manipulation (that isn't a bad thing) is able to remain in the spotlight day in and day out as he has been able to run the news cycles to cover him based on what he says on any given day.  The difference is however, he is always checked by the mainstream media outlets, often to the point of ridiculousness.  Many a time I have witnessed a pundit try to stump his spokesperson only to be made out as either completely incompetent or at the very least, uninformed.  I am not alone.

There is a huge segment of Americans that have lost faith in the media.  Completely.  Major outlets like the New York Times wonder why they have rapidly decreasing subscription rates, all the while, providing a more dilute and pandered service to the general public.  I don't state that lightly.  What was once a revered publication has largely become a propaganda rag.  Again, there are still decent journalists with the NYT, and they have done decent reporting in the past, particularly regarding Clinton's entanglement with the Benghazi debacle and her private email server.

The incident today however, clearly showed just how biased the major media can be.

Hillary Clinton has one of the worst weekends a Presidential candidate can have.  She insults 50% of Donald Trump's supporters with the #BasketOfDeplorables comment (insinuating that half of Trump's supporters are either racists, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamiphobic, etc., you get the idea) and then today, completely collapses.  Not a stumble.  Not a trip on the curb.  Not just getting woozy or bobble a bit.  She had a flat out collapse to the point where she is a pile of dead weight that needed to be pulled into her seemingly unique black van that travels with her to every site she visits.

The official statement from the Clinton Campaign was that Hillary was merely "overheated" and went to her daughter Chelsea's home in NYC.  It's important to note that the Press Pool that normally accompanies Hillary around during her travels, were reportedly forbidden to follow or photograph Mrs. Clinton as she departed the 9/11 Memorial Service early.  In fact, they were clearly unaware of her location at all, and were not the ones who captured the video we all viewed today of a Hillary Clinton falling completely limp into the arms of at least two handlers who needed to shuffle her into the safety of the mysterious black van.

The amazing part of all of this today, was the way the mainstream news outlets (again excluding a few) shared this story, rather, pushed the false narrative that Hillary was "overheated" and a little "bobblely" as she entered her van.  Further the false narrative of it being overwhelmingly hot and humid in New York City was just a bogus claim from the start.  Temperatures in NYC barely touched the 80-degree point, and others in attendance at the 9/11 Memorial Service stated that the weather was gorgeous and it was a welcomed cooler change from the muggy weather of the past several days.  In short, it wasn't hot.

Where is the journalism of yesteryear?  Where were the pressing questions as to what really happened to Hillary Clinton today?  Where is the Fourth Estate making sure our public officials, or those seeking to obtain high public offices are held to account, accurately and without bias?  Where are the journalists that ask the questions that need to be asked, without fear of repercussion from either their production editors or the officials they question?

So many questions went unanswered today, and yet the focus of Hillary's clear medical crisis was focused on whether or not her pant-suit was the appropriate outfit, comparing what she was wearing to that of reporters in the field simply stating the weather from yesterday (completely ignoring the fact that today the weather was completely pleasant and mild).

Since I haven't heard many pressing questions from the Mainstream Media, I will do your job for you, and ask the questions I know you want to ask, but for whatever reason, they are not published:

1.  Why was Hillary Clinton's physician accompanying her today at the 9/11 Memorial Service?
2. Does Hillary Clinton's physician always accompany her wherever she travels?
3. Why did Hillary attend the 9/11 Memorial Service if she was diagnosed with pneumonia Friday?
4.  Did Hillary actually confirm she has pneumonia either via XRays or sputum lab culture exam?
5. Why was the press forbidden to follow Hillary to her daughters home?
6. Why did Hillary go to Chelsea's home instead of a medical facility?
7.  Law Enforcement observed a medical emergency, why was EMS not called in to assist?
8. Did the Secret Service adhere to all protocols regarding medical emergencies for FLOTUS?
9. What treatment did Hillary receive in the home of Chelsea Clinton?
10. Is this an ongoing chronic problem Hillary has?
11. Who is the one particular Secret Service agent that appears frequently when Hillary has issues?
12. Does Hillary have any chronic or acute medical conditions that Americans should know about?
13. Did Hillary receive medical treatment at her home in Chappaqua, NY?
14.  Did Hillary seek services in a Medical Facility prior to going to her private residence?
15. Why was the Press Pool not allowed to follow her to her home in NY?
16. Was Hillary feeling ill on Friday when she was diagnosed with "pneumonia" that day?
17. Why did Hillary go against the reported recommendations of her physician?
18.  Is Hillary's physician ok with having a second medical opinion provided?
19. Will Hillary allow an independent medical examination to be done?
20. Overall how has Hillary been feeling the past few months?
21.  Does Hillary suffer from Subcortical Vascular Dementia?
22. Does Hillary suffer from any cardiac arrhythmia such as Atrial Fibrillation?
23.  Is the black van stocked with medical supplies such as IV fluids, medications and an EKG?
24.  How long did Hillary remain unconscious today?
25. Will Hillary step down if she is suffering from a serious medical condition?
26.  What is the plan if Hillary is unable to fulfill her obligations as the DNC candidate?
27.  How many times has an event like today happened to Hillary since she has been a Senator?
28.  Has an independent Neurological Assessment been done since her head trauma in 2012?
29.  Does Hillary suffer from any chronic cognitive issues such as memory loss, confusion or mood swings?
30.  How many hours each day does Hillary devote to campaign work?
31.  Does Hillary have any sleep disturbance issues?
32.  Is there any truth that Hillary Clinton may suffer from Parkinson's Disease?
33.  Has Hillary ever sought treatment for Parkinson's or any other Neurological Disease?
34. Given Hillary has some memory issues with the FBI in particular, will she get that evaluated?
35.  Why is Hillary cancelling trips scheduled if she states she is feeling great?
36.  Has any person in the Hillary Clinton Press Pool observed strange behaviors or witnessed symptoms that have not been addressed?

This is a great list of questions that the Mainstream Media might want to start chipping away at.  It is the responsibility of the media to "push back" on statements that are patently false or questionable when provided as fact by a candidate or an official.   It is time for the media to start acting like the Fourth Estate again, otherwise, Independent Media Outlets will continue to fill the void and there may be no longer a need for "Big Media."  After all, most news is delivered on Social Media these days, and Independent Media is very adept at navigating and disseminating news quickly on that type of platform.

Just something to think about.

#SickHillary / #ClintonCollapse / #BasketOfDeplorables

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