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Friday, September 23, 2016


Here is what the polls / Clinton Campaign is missing when it comes to the Trump-Factor:

  1. Many people (which is difficult to determine exact numbers) no longer get their news content from traditional means;  venues like YouTube, Facebook and web-based sources are providing news and discussion to millions of Americans which likely is underreported in polling.
  2. A very simple comparison of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton shows a stark contrast in terms of support on one of the highest ranked news video source, YouTube;  Donald Trump (via Right Side Broadcasting Network) has nearly 190,000 subscribers / 89,000,000 views, whereas Hillary Clinton has less than half of that at 72,555 subscribers / 19,000,000 views.  In terms of views, Donald Trump has 4.7 times the amount of views of Hillary Clinton (nearly 5:1)
  3. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter, while also important, show both candidates have closer subscriber numbers, but Donald Trump still outshines Clinton 11 million to her 6 million on Facebook, and  11.6 million to Clinton's 8.9 million followers on Twitter.  Basically Trump has twice the likes on Facebook and 25% more followers on Twitter.  These disparities, like on YouTube, only account for the "main" channels / pages / accounts for each candidate, omitting the additional followers of Trump's children, spouse and loyal followers, who each represent untold millions more followers / shares.
  4. Like the mainstream media news cycles, Donald Trump tends to trend positively on Social Media, whereas when Hillary Clinton "trends" it tends to be negative in messaging.
  5. Hillary Clinton recently released a book co-authored by her running mate, Tim Kaine, which has largely been deemed a failure by the New York Times.  The latest statistic I could find showed a mere 3,000 total copies sold since its early September release date, which generally accounts for 1/3 of total book sales by publisher's benchmark standards.  That means Clinton may expect a total of 9,000 copies to be sold in total if that standard holds true.  In comparison, President Obama who also utilized a book publishing tactic in 2008 was driving up sales of 35,000 copies per week during the run-up to Election Day.
  6. Hillary Clinton describes the purpose for publishing a book to outline her campaign platform was the best way to consolidate her entire platform into one location that is easy to access (what Hillary Clinton appears to be not understanding is that such a place already exists where she could accomplish the same goal without the need for voters to pay $9.99 to purchase her campaign platform outline in book format; it's called a website, which she currently has at
  7. Online polls, although generally described by the media as "less reliable" than standard polling practices, routinely demonstrate a domination by Donald Trump on nearly every polling platform, including all of the mainstream media news giants like CNN, NBC, FOX, ABC, MSNBC.  Overall, Trump tends to beat Hillary Clinton on nearly every published online poll by a factor of 2:1.

The Debates, which start Monday will be interesting for sure.  Particularly now that Hillary Clinton recently has started making accusations that Matt Lauer was "unfair" to Clinton on the "Commander-In-Chief" town hall style discussion held earlier this month.  I am guessing that any moderator who asks Clinton about her email scandal, the Clinton Foundation or Benghazi in any future debates will be accused of the same; this makes Hillary appear weak and unable to handle fair but tough questions.  Additionally, Hillary has also recently started to complain that the media coverage afforded to her is "less than Trump's" and that the media is favoring Donald Trump over her.  

I find difficulty mustering up sympathy for Hillary's claims of media bias favoring Trump over her given the fact that it's been nearly 300 days since Clinton has held and open / honest media event / presser, with unfiltered questions and one that includes members of the media other than her carefully selected dedicated press pool (293 days and counting as of today).

Donald Trump has managed by-and-large to hold multiple rallies per week, often multiple rallies per day, and often holds unscripted press conferences when time permits.  He has never shied away from the media, and entertains all questions in an open format.  If Hillary wants to change course in her media exposure, perhaps she could learn a thing or two from the Donald.

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