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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Senator Elizabeth Warren Was Officially Warned, Silenced, Then Benched During Attorney General Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing

February 8, 2017
Washington, DC
Senate Confirmation Hearing of
Senator Jeff Sessions as
Attorney General of the United States

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D- Mass) was ordered to refrain from speaking out directly against Senator Jeff Sessions under "Rule 19" under the Standing Rules of the Senate which prohibits any Senator to impute to another Senator or Senators, any conduct or motive unworthy unbecoming of a Senator; in other words, Senator Warren was warned about speaking out or against another Senator, who is a sitting Senator, in this case Senator Jeff Sessions, during confirmation hearings for his potential position as Attorney General.

Senator Warren was reading a letter from Loretta Scott King to the Judiciary Committee entered into the Senate Record in 1986.  The Chairman interjected by informing Senator Warren that her words and actions violated the Rule of the Senate.  Sen. Warren disputed the Chairman's action, and was then officially "Warned."  She was allowed to continue reading portions of the letter however, it would be limited to actions that would not impute Senator Sessions.

Senator Warran continued however, the Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnel had made an objection as he believed her speech was invoking a racial issue that was not pertinent to the Confirmation Hearing of Senator Jeff Sessions.  Senator Warren then objected and called for a vote of the Senate Quorum on her being benched by the Chair.

On February 8, 2017, Senator Jeff Sessions was ultimately approved and confirmed by the Senate to be the next Attorney General of the United States as nominated by President Donald Trump.

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