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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Intelligence Report: The Murder of Seth Rich

🆘 Yesterday, Anonymous posted a video that outlines the conspiracy on Seth Rich and the DNC.  It also outlines the attempts to squash the truth about what happened, as well as a threat made towards our President.

The Anonymous video, IMHO, is valid.  The video I posted yesterday about Debbie Wasserman Schultz confirms this.  She is attempting to get a laptop back that is in custody of US Capitol Police.  That laptop belongs to Imran Awan, who is the target of an ongoing investigation.  That investigation includes Mr Awan, who is a DNC Information Technology (IT) specialist.  It is reported that Mr Awan is holding DNC members hostage with information he has, and has used the information he has to get his family / friends employed by Democrats at high-paying positions totaling over $4 Million and counting.  It is ALSO reported that Seth Rich gained access to DNC emails via a "back door" left open by a DNC IT specialist. Connect the Dots;  Mr Awan may be the IT Specialist that left that back door open.  It's Mr Awan's laptop that Debbie Wasserman Schultz wants to get back ASAP from US Capitol Police.  Why?  What's on that laptop that is so important? 

At this point, almost nothing else matters other than someone in the Trump Administration to view the contents of that laptop, preferably the CIA Director Pompeo who appears to be the least compromised person in Trumps Admin.  The information on the laptop needs to be made public as soon as possible to protect President Trump.  We need to push as best we can to make sure this happens.  We also need to protect Sean Hannity and ensure his show remains on-air.  He will be the last man standing with a large enough public audience to make this stick.  This, imho, is what and others are trying to make public.  This is my opinion based on public, open sourced intelligence. 

We also need to, again in my opinion, question why a professional public relations firm (spin doctors) were assigned to the Rich family by the DNC, directly.  It is my opinion that Public Relations firms are only deployed when there is a dire need to control a narrative.  This is what they do.  They are NOT Attorneys which, in most circumstances, are hired to PROTECT innocent family members.  Rather, Public Relations Firms are used to do crisis management and narrative control when an event occurs that would cause irreparable harm to an business or organization.  Rarely are they used to protect a family other than celebrities or high ranking politicians.  This action must be questioned.

Link to Debbie Wasserman Schultz Threatening US Capitol Police Chief:

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