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Saturday, May 13, 2017

PERSPECTIVE: How the Mainstream Media Is Distorting The Firing of FBI Director James Comey

May 13, 2017

Scott Anthony

I won't go and re-litigate the facts surrounding why FBI Director James Comey was terminated by President Trump this past week as it is simply a pointless exercise.  The fact remains that the FBI Director serves at the pleasure of the President, and regardless of the path taken by President Trump to make the decision to pull the trigger on James Comey, that bullet has long since left the chamber.

What is a more disturbing, albeit humorous, side note to the news of the #1 Chief Investigator being terminated, was the frantic calls of "foul play" from Democrats such as Senators Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren making public spectacles of themselves all while ignoring some very basic realities.  Yes, there was an alleged open investigation about "Russian Meddling" into the 2016 Presidential Elections, and allegedly James Comey would have pretty solid knowledge about such investigations. However, what Americans writ large saw in the week prior to Mr. Comey's termination, was sworn testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee whereby Mr. Comey didn't appear to be all that informed on much of, well, anything.  So much so, that the FBI was forced to provide "corrected testimony" to the Committee due to blatantly inaccurate statements made by Mr. Comey.

So for the sake of putting the events of last week into perspective, let's assume that there is an investigation into the Trump Campaign and "Russia" (whatever that really means, since, as we all well know, there has been little, if any, factual evidence of wrongdoing aside from a few failures of disclosures by NSC Director Gen. M. Flynn and Attorney General Sessions, neither of which were crimes).

Assuming the above statement is true, which it is, then what is the actual fallout from terminating the FBI Director during such an investigation?  Let's examine a few facts about the FBI and the U.S. Intelligence Community in general as it pertains to the "Russia / Trump Campaign Collusion" Investigation:

-  The FBI is part of the Intelligence Community along with 17 Total Agencies

-  The FBI is a small sub-set of the overall Intelligence Community.

-  The FBI's The Counterintelligence Division (CD) prevents and investigates foreign intelligence activities within the U.S. and espionage activities in the U.S. and overseas. 

-  The FBI Director is not likely involved directly in "hands-on" investigation activities.

- The FBI has over 13,000 career Special Agents.

-  The FBI is / was working in tandem with the NSA and the CIA as well as the ODNI in the "Russia" investigation.

-  There are thousands more career Agents / Investigators in the NSA, CIA, ODNI as well as the other branches of the Intelligence Community.

Source:  Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)

Knowing the above facts is imperative when attempting to formulate an informed opinion as to whether or not the firing of one person, FBI Director James Comey, would have any impact at all, on any potential ongoing investigation into the "Trump Campaign & Potential Russian Collusion."  This is not to downplay the significance of losing a competent FBI Director, as it is imperative that the United States has an impervious, steadfast and ethical Director at the helm of our Nation's prestigious Law Enforcement Agency.  However, that said, it is important to not lose sight on the bigger picture;  the Intelligence Community writ large, is more than just one person, or one Agency.  To think otherwise is to have a very limited, and uneducated point of view when it comes to the scope, task management and overall operations of our Intelligence Community.  

Whether or not you agree or disagree with the termination of FBI Director Comey, it is insulting to the thousands of career Law Enforcement Agents, Investigators, Prosecutors, Operatives, Analysts, Attorneys, Officers, or other career personnel, the overwhelming majority of whom have devoted their lives to protect our American Values, maintain our National Security and intercept nefarious entities seeking to do us harm, to oversimplify and whittle down any valid investigation to the holdings of only one specific person.  It simply doesn't work that way.  In my opinion, I have to question the media's spin on James Comey's termination as merely President Trump's way of "stonewalling" the aforementioned "Russian Collusion" investigation as it pertains to the Trump Campaign of 2016.  

Quite simply put, the mainstream media is lying to the American public, it is doing a deplorable disservice to those in the Intelligence Community who may very well be seeking to get at the truth of any Russian interference in our Election process, and it is the media, along with James Comey's affinity for seeking out media air-time, that has perpetuated this long-standing myth that President Trump (or his campaign and/or his surrogates) purposely and knowingly committed crimes under any of our National Security laws, up to and including espionage or treason.  The reason for this is simple;  no one single person holds the keys for any valid investigation.  If you step back and look at this through very scientific goggles on, you will be able to see right through the media smoke and mirrors tricks they are using to get you to believe that the President of the United States firing one person could ever effectively stop a valid investigation.  Think of it this way:

-  If the Chief of a Fire Department gets terminated, do fire alarms simply go unanswered allowing city fires to burn ragingly out of control?  Or do fires still get put out by career (or volunteer) fire fighters?

-  If the Chief of a Police Department gets terminated, do all criminal investigations, traffic enforcement or civil disturbance calls go unanswered?  Or do all of these functions continue to be responded to appropriately?

- If the CEO of a Hospital gets terminated, do all aspects of the healthcare facility suddenly stop?  Or do patients continue to receive the healthcare they were getting the day before?  Do life-saving surgeries immediately cease upon hearing the news that the Hospital CEO is terminated, or do professional healthcare providers continue their jobs, as they have been trained and licensed to do regardless of who is running the facility?

-  If the Superintendent of a School System is terminated, do classes suddenly stop?  Or do teachers and students continue to show up for school like they do every day, and proceed with the educational process as scheduled?

-  If a General in the Military is terminated, does every soldier simply pack up their gatherings and go home?  Or do they continue their missions or assignments as they have been trained to do?

-  If the President of the United States is terminated (impeached) does the Nation just surrender to complete Anarchy or outside invaders?  Or do we continue on with a system of checks and balances as well as a fail-safe system in place to ensure that we do not crumble into complete and utter chaos?

In a system as complex and important as our Intelligence Community, Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, we have multiple layers of fail-safes, continuity and convergence of operations.  The media would like every American to believe that the firing of one person, the FBI Director, is somehow the "end" or at least a major chilling component to the ongoing investigation on Russia and our 2016 Elections.  But a smart, critical-thinker, knows that this is merely a farce and is an attempt to smear our President.  Investigations, particularly ones that involve several facets of our Intelligence Community, are not going to stop simply due to the replacement of one person.  If that were the case, then we as a Country, would need to demand a complete overhaul of our Criminal Justice System (we need one anyway, but not for that particular reason).  

Quite simply put, the media has proven time and again that it is simply unable, or unwilling, to report critical information in a non-partisan, fair or thorough manner.  Omitting facts to push a particular narrative or agenda is called propaganda, and that is what we are witnessing with the vast majority of our News Media outlets.  I have reviewed the major news outlet's coverage of the termination of James Comey, and what I read or observed simply screamed of over-simplification, fear-mongering and propaganda.  This is also to say nothing of the fact that our elected representatives in the Senate and House of Representatives have their own ongoing investigations into any possible Russia / Trump Campaign connections.

We allow ourselves to be victimized by the Media Moguls daily as they pervert straight-forward facts into propagandized narratives that are best suited for the fiction section of a library instead of the news.  Yes there are times where one person can make a difference or influence the direction of an investigation such as when James Comey overstepped his lawful authority to actually present evidence to the US Attorney General or a Grand Jury regarding actual known cases of espionage in the case of Hillary Clinton and her criminal crime syndicate.  However, the vast majority of Americans following that case were able to make the distinction and while Clinton may have escaped criminal prosecution (at least for now) she also escaped securing the power and prestige of the White House.  So even then, one person, the same person, James Comey, was not able to stop the inevitable outcome of facts.  Checks and balances continued on, and the court of public opinion won in the end at the ballot box.

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