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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Researchers Being Attacked By Crowdsource The Truth Member Jason Goodman: Credibility Called Into Question

Good morning, 

Today is Sunday, June 11, 2017.

I am providing this video and a written response as a matter of public record, in response to a video uploaded and broadcast on the social media platform YouTube on this date approximately four and a half hours ago, entitled “Deep State Attack on George Webb & Crowdsource the Truth”.

Like almost all of you watching this video, and indeed, the ones uploaded by either George Webb or Jason Goodman and any subsequent livestreams either individually or collectively (also known as “Crowdsource the Truth” hereinafter referred to as CTT), I believe that we all would like to see the rapid apprehension and prosecution for the persons responsible for either the murder or disappearance of the individual we have come to know as “Seth Rich”. For many, the story of Seth Rich and his alleged homicide evokes a visceral reaction for justice. I concur with the need for justice in the case of any unsolved homicide, abduction, or any other capital offense or felony.  After all, we are a “nation of laws” in the United States of America, and it is woven within our founding father’s words of wisdom that all people shall enjoy "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness".

Disturbingly, on this date, and prior to this date, a trend had been developing on both Mr. Webb’s and Mr. Goodman’s channels and the videos they have been uploading: what had at first seemed like a novel idea to “storyboard” and “crowdsource” an open investigation into potential crimes committed against innocent Americans by a host of entities and individuals that have been named by Mr. Webb and Mr. Goodman within their video content, has crossed into the realm of what I consider highly unethical, dangerous, and potentially illegal behavior. It is for these reasons that I can no longer sit idly by as Mr. Webb and Mr. Goodman utilize various psychological tactics to illicit responses from their viewers.

While Americans enjoy a “Free Press” and the right to ensure that those who have committed crimes are held accountable, there are well established methods and processes to ensure that information is accurately reported, and those accused of potential crimes are afforded due process. In America, we are free to say what we like, without fear or prejudice, as long the safety of others or their civil rights is not violated. Regarding the Rule of Law however, there are a host of safeguards in place to ensure that the right person is tried for the right crime and is judged by a jury of their peers utilizing constitutional protections.  For this reason, and almost this reason alone, America has been one of the beacons of liberty around the globe since our nation was founded.

In the video broadcast earlier today, Jason Goodman issued what I believe was designed to be a “call-to-action” video: that is, he created it with the intent to utilize psychological tactics to illicit a response. The average person may not be aware such tactics are being utilized. This is understandable as they are very subtle by design. I believe the purpose of Jason's video was to encourage others to start investigating a person known on YouTube as “Defango”, also known as Manuel Chavez. However, there are implied messages as well, as you will see throughout this call-to-action video. This is how I perceived the messaging in the above named video, and while it is impossible for me to state with certainty that was Mr. Goodman’s intent, perception is reality in many instances.  Thus, a reasonable person may likely draw the same conclusions I have regarding the intent of his video. 

It should be noted that while Mr. Goodman has made it clear that his relevant employment history and experience is comprised of the creation of 3D Stereoscopic cameras and/or other inventions for Hollywood filmmaking, Mr. Goodman has never indicated former employment or experience in the fields of journalism, law enforcement, or the legal profession at large. This is an important distinction because he very likely lacks the fundamental and basic education required to conduct a large-scale investigation into criminal activities as the CTT library entails.  It should also be noted that at no time have I witnessed Mr. Webb state that he possesses the requisite professional training to conduct criminal investigations in the same manner.

In reviewing the library and archived video evidence that both Mr. Webb and Mr. Goodman have catalogued on their channels, there is ample evidence that lack of appropriate training in investigations and law enforcement easily places the public at risk.  In no particular order, and by no mean a comprehensive list, some of the more obvious issues may be:

  1. Implicating or accusing an innocent person of wrong-doing, including being part of a criminal conspiracy;
  2. Revealing the identity of an otherwise private individual with no knowledge of the investigation to the Crowdsource audience;
  3. The potential for over-eager and inexperienced “researchers” to commit acts of harassment towards innocent persons;
  4. The potential for large numbers of viewers to contact family, friends, co-workers of the stated victims (which would fall under the aforementioned harassment issue)
  5. The potential for inexperienced investigators to place themselves into dangerous scenarios during the canvassing and interviewing of potential witnesses;
  6. Exposing actual witnesses of a criminal investigation where their protection might otherwise be afforded by law;
  7. The inherent lack of ability to control the direction of the investigation, all of which could compromise or undermine actual investigations currently underway 

In contrast, I am publishing this as a matter of record from the viewpoint of a person who has been employed as a law enforcement official, although it is not my current profession. Currently, I am licensed and Board Certified healthcare practitioner able to assess and treat conditions, injuries, and illnesses across the age spectrum, including mental health. It is both my prior and current occupations that afford me the insight, formal training, and ability to detect even subtle nuances in the human condition the average person might overlook.

I understand that my assessment will be met with resistance from many. I accept that many of you will continue to follow Mr. Goodman and Mr. Webb regardless of the information I provide.  However, it is my hope that those who may feel compelled to take any actions against any individuals named within this video, or any prior or subsequent videos that Mr. Webb, Mr. Goodman, or their “Associates” produce and publish, will pause and think through the ramifications if the actions taken are based off of faulty investigative techniques, lack of appropriate citations, sources and methods during their investigation, and not least of all, the potential criminal and civil rights violations that might incur as a result of actions taken simply because Mr. Goodman has created a sense of urgency. The case of Seth Rich is nearing the one-year mark since the alleged crime has occurred. Urgency has long since passed, and this investigation is now in the long-haul phase where accurate and methodical law enforcement tactics should be used to bring those who committed the crimes against Seth Rich to justice.  

Based on viewer reactions to the George Webb / Jason Goodman video series, and based on a variety of videos now being published, many of which touch upon the topic of what appears to be a somewhat reckless and potentially dangerous crowdsourced investigation process, it is my opinion that other individuals are detecting something amiss with the ethics of CTT's crowdsourced investigation.

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