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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Who Are The Attorneys On Special Counsel Robert Muller’s Team Investigating, Anyway?

Who Are The Attorneys On Special Counsel Robert Muller’s Team Investigating, Anyway?

Robert Mueller; 12 year FBI Director (9/11/2001 - 2013). 
  • 2013 James Comey becomes FBI Director. 
  • Mueller is noted for being respected on both sides of the aisle. 
  • USMC Marine Officer during Vietnam War
  • Meuller is interviewed by President Trump for FBI Director position (again??) the day after James Comey terminated; also coincidentally the day before he’s appointed as “Special Counsel” into Trump / Russia collusion matter.

Aaron Zebley, an FBI terrorist hunter prior to 9/11.
  • Served as the chief of staff to Robert Mueller when Mueller was given a 2 year extension on his term as director. 
  • Followed Mueller to the law firm WilmerHale after Mueller’s tenure at the FBI ended.

James Quarles III, one of the prosecutors from Watergate.
  • Also following Mueller from WilmerHale.
  • Specialist in campaign finance research

Jeannie Rhee, is a veteran of the DoJ, reported to be a specialist in white collar crimes.
  • Her wins in court include the successful prosecution of officers of the Washington Teachers Union
  • She flipped several embezzlement and corruption conspirators within the union into witnesses.

Andrew Weissman, prosecutor of the Genovese, Colombo, and Gambino crime families.
  • Director of the task force in charge of investigating Enron.

Michael Dreeben, the deputy solicitor general and the second person in history to have argued 100 cases before the Supreme Court.

Peter Carr, experienced as a spokesperson for the DoJ.
  • 5 year stint as the spokesperson for Orrin Hatch, a Republican Senator out of Utah.
  • Enlisted as a spokesperson for the Mueller investigation.

Rush Atkinson, part of the DoJ’s criminal fraud division.
  • (Unconfirmed): initially recruited into the Department of Justice’s National Security Division, in the Office of Intelligence.

Zainab Ahmad, noted specialist in counterterrorism cases and extraterritorial cases.
  • She has prosecuted foreign and US terrorists alike, with solid win record. 
  • 2016 she was moved (at the direction of Loretta Lynch) to transnational organized crime.
  • Returned briefly back to DC before being recruited by Mueller.

Lisa Page, FBI veteran expert in money laundering and organized crime.

Elizabeth Prelogar comes from the solicitor general’s office, probably following Michael Dreeben. 
  • First member of the Meuller team to be outwardly Democrat leaning.

Aaron Zelinsky, an attorney out of the Maryland Attorney General’s office and served in Maryland for 12 years under Rod Rosenstein. 

(Rosenstein is currently the Deputy US Attorney General, and is the one who appointed Special Counsel Mueller)

Andrew Goldstein, the leader of one of New York’s Public Corruption Units.
  • His office under his leadership has successfully prosecuted top Democrats AND Republicans in New York (nonpartisan pick in terms of his pursuit of justice)

Adam Jed has been arguing civil cases in front of a variety of lower courts over recent topics like the ACA (Obamacare), providing contraception as part of the ACA, and implementation of the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage.

Brandon Van Grack, recently involved in probes from the Department of Justice national security division as a prosecutor with a specialization in espionage investigations.  
  • Probes revolved around Flynn and the Flynn Intel Group over lobbying work done for Turkey’s Erdogan as confirmed by acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe.  

Peter Strzok, a leading member of the FBI Clinton Email investigation.
  • Investigated Hillary’s private email server and found “that Clinton exchanged nearly two-dozen top secret emails from her private server in 2011 and 2012 with her deputy chief of staff, Jacob Sullivan, her chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, and Deputy Secretary of State William Burns. The State Department said the contents of the 22 emails were so highly classified that not even the subject matter could be disclosed.”  

  • Also apparently was a part of the initial Russian probe after the Clinton Email investigation closed down.

What has been assembled at face value is an absolutely terrifying group of legal veterans and workhorses with specializations in virtually every aspect of law that might be used against a criminal organization, though with notably few mentions of anyone specialized in election law or in prosecuting or investigating interactions with foreign governments, with an exception or two.

With this much legal firepower assembled under one tight organization, the important question to ask is this:  “Why does a team assembled under the mandate to investigate foreign influence in the 2016 elections seem to be less of a panel of election law experts and more of a legal hit team assembled to tear to pieces an international crime ring stuffed to the brim with expertise in financial, corruption, terrorism, and white collar crimes?”

If I was a high level official of the DNC or had any part of the Clinton Foundation (or even Hillary Clinton herself) I think I might be worried right about now.

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