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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

31 Reasons Why: The Las Vegas Narrative Doesn’t Add Up

November 8, 2017

Premise as presented by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department / FBI Las Vegas:  The mass homicide that occurred on October 1, 2017 at the Route 91 Harvest Concert (Mandalay Bay) was committed by a "Lone Wolf" attacker, 64 year old Stephen Paddock.

Author Opinion / Citizen Investigative Opinion: The following are 31 of the most BASIC questions that need to be answered completely, and with full transparency before we, the American public, are to believe the "official narrative" that this horrific attack upon our Nation and specifically the State of Nevada, was perpetrated by a "Lone Wolf" attacker.

Barring a complete accounting of these very basic 31 questions, the narrative that the perpetrator, Stephen Paddock, acted alone to commit the worst mass-casualty gunfire-assault simply can not, and should not, be entertained.

It should be noted that these are only the most elementary questions that should start the investigative process, and is by no means all-inclusive, nor encompass every possible scenario. These questions should also be reviewed in conjunction with the "AAR" done by Lt. Col. Royston Potter (See attached video):
  1. Who determined within hours that Paddock was a “Lone Wolf” without examining ANY electronic devices on his person or his home(s)?
  2. Why was the strike team on floor 31 held back from "neutralizing" the threat on floor 32?
  3. When Zebra-20 made entry into Paddock’s room and fired one round, what was the target?  Why was this fact not initially reported to the public?
  4. The very first rounds fired appear to have come from south side of stage and likely were that of a .308 bolt action rifle. Why are we still using “Lone Wolf?”
  5. Who was the "WMA" (White Male Adult) placed into custody from the RV in the Motel 8 lot?  What were the contents of his bag(s) that were identified as "suspicious"?
  6. Who determined what the movements and actions were of Mandalay Bay Security Officer Jesus Campos and Maintenance Engineer Stephen Schuck as well as the reasons they were on floor 31 or 32?
  7. Who was responsible for guarding residence(s) of Stephen Paddock in Nevada, Texas, California and elsewhere? What evidence “left” his home after it was burglarized?  Why was the residence in Nevada left unsecured?
  8. Who is registered owner of the Black Chevy “Dually” PickUp Truck that fled the area of Mandalay Bay as witnessed by LVMPD? 
  9. At 23:04 LVMPD witnessed a White Ford Heavy Duty PicUp Truck; WMA exited with a rifle.  Who was this and what is the status of this truck/driver?
  10. At 23:16hrs, a LVMPD Officer’s Open-Microphone captures the sounds of automatic gunfire; What was source of this audio?  What was the exact radio that made this transmission and its exact location?
  11. Around same time as #10 question, reports of gunfire was reported at Bellagio (confirmed by Bellagio Security); STATUS?
  12. Why were multiple reports of shooters reported along low rooftops at Mirage, Bellagio, Tropicana? Who cleared all of these areas of any potential suspects and witnesses?
  13. Why the major discrepancy between initial statement regarding Security Officer Jesus Campos “disrupting” shooter, to the current description that he was shot/injured 6 full minutes prior to the attack on the concert region outside Mandalay Bay (Route 91 Harvest)?
  14. What type of round(s) struck the aircraft fuel tank at KLAS airport and from what location? Caliber?
  15. Has all motor vehicle registration data been checked/verified for every vehicle that entered / exited each hotel, starting from at least the date Paddock checked in, through the event, and for at least a week afterwards for any connections to Stephen Paddock?
  16. Why is there a concerted effort to avoid the press by Law Enforcement?  Why are Independent Press outlets banned from press briefings?  Why the obvious “defensive posture by all investigating agencies?”
  17. Has Eric Paddock been cleared as a potential suspect?  If so, when and by whom?  Same for Marilou Danley?  Other siblings and family of alleged shooter Stephen Paddock; have they ALL been cleared as potential suspects or witnesses?  If so, when and by whom?
  18. Exactly which room(s) was Stephen Paddock checked into, and when did he check in those room(s)?
  19. Who was officially checked into room 32-134?  Brian Hodge states he was.  Was he?
  20. Has every guest at Mandalay Bay been accurately & properly vetted for at least 2 weeks prior to 10/1/17?
  21. Initial statements by LVMPD as to why Security Officer Jesus Campos may have been on floor 32 dealt with either "door alarms", "smoke alarms", "locked fire doors", and/or "drilling". What actually prompted Security Officer Campos to be on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay, and specifically what did he hear, see, smell?
  22. If Security AND Maintenance took on gunfire on floor 32, prior to mass shooting, why the confusion as to what floor the shooting into the concert venue was coming from?
  23. Between 23:21 - 23:28 several suspicious females observed by LVMPD and were subsequently taken into custody. Who were they? Status?
  24. How many expended brass casings (fired round casings) were retrieved in 32-135 / 32-134? Caliber / round types used? Specific weapons fired? Why is so little information provided surrounding this particular item which should be readily available?
  25. What did LVMPD / FBI determine that the “drilling” was in either 32-135 and/or 32-134? What tool was used?  For what purpose?
  26. Why would a Federal Judge need to order “evidence be preserved” by MGM?  Is MGM attempting to conceal evidence?
  27. Has the FBI done a thorough tracing of all aircraft Paddock allegedly owned / sold or rented? Has this been coordinated with the FAA?
  28. Has any main witness (Hodge, Campos, Schuck) been polygraphed and/or tested for GSR?  If so, results?
  29. When will the toxicology / autopsy reports of Paddock be made public?
  30. Have all of Paddock’s gambling receipts been accounted for?  Will his income / IRS filings be made public?  Will his financial statements, bank account statements, and any documents pertaining to his earnings be made available for forensic inspection by independent CPA's?
  31. Who was the second person in room 32-135 that Paddock ordered dinner with?
(As posted and modified from the twitter account of @ScottAnthonyUSA on 10/23/17 as part of an After Action Report process)

Lt. Col. Royston Potter "AAR" Video on Las Vegas Shooting:

Abel Danger Comments on FAA /  Helicopter anomalies:

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