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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Investigative Report: Mystery Remains on Michigan Fireball January 16, 2018

January 26, 2018

Photo Source:  Unknown


Before answering this, it's important to look at a few facts that are not easy to find, but are out there in the open source intelligence realm if we look hard enough.  Now it's important to rule out the obvious first, so bear with me while I go through three quick facts for you.... I assure you I don't end it as "well there you have it" like the shills at Snopes do.  We are going to dig a bit deeper.

Fact 1:  There was an oil refinery “controlled burn” at the time a bolide meteor flew across the skies of Michagan on January 16, 2018.  There appears to be a statement issued to confirm this.  I will post the official one once I find it.  But for now, we have this from Fox8 in Michigan that at least confirms it was a controlled burn occurring before the meteor made its appearance.

Fact 2: “Light Pillars” were present in the atmosphere on January 16th as well as days before the meteor showed up.  It’s a phenomenon where hexoganal ice crystals absorb and reflect light from any strong light source on the ground and at the correct angle, a person standing at the correct position would observe a pillar of light that reaches upwards towards the sky. Conditions must be just right including ample cold weather and very calm winds.  This is news to me as I’ve never seen a light pillar, nor have I ever heard of one, so I will let you be the judge on that one.  In any case, link is right here if you are so inclined to learn about these. They were also reported before the meteor on January 16th as well as on January 16th.

Fact 3: There was a garage fire in a local Michigan neighborhood that was reported around the same time as the visiting meteor on January 16th.  It is alleged that the photos of people on their cell phones on a residential street (likely calling 9-1-1) were observing that fire, and not a meteor explosion on the ground.  I’ve done some digging on this particular topic as it got my attention the most, however, the sources for the images are nearly impossible to obtain.  Let me rephrase; I could not find the original source, so should anyone find the source, please let me know.  In any case, here is the link for the report in local news about this fire.

So those are the facts that seem to explain much of what was being reported all over social media for over a week.  Maybe.

Now the kicker..... (well there are a few actually)

FACT 1: On January 14th, on either 4Chan or 8Chan /pol/ comes this post.  I can’t explain it, nor were any specifics given.  However, given the incident in Hawaii only a few days before, as well as other posts on 8Chan From the enigma known as “Q”, I simply can not dismiss this as nothing.

FACT 2:  The US Geological Services (USGS) provides us with a nice map of where the "earthquake" was felt.  Except it wasn't an earthquake although it rated at least a 2.0 on the magnitude scale.  In fact, it was felt well over 200km away from Detroit, Michigan.  This was no small event.  Not the largest, but not the smallest either.  The "shake map" below is directly from the USGS and you can view all of this if you visit there.  But here it is to save you time searching:

Now, besides the obvious here... of the USGS dismissing it as "not an earthquake" they don't provide a wealth of evidence of it being a meteor either... but more on that in a moment.  Looking a bit closer, we see that this was felt over a distance of 200km, and really never lessened much in intensity.  It remained fairly consistent with a 2.0 magnitude over a large distance, as you can see here:

Locations of those reporting "feeling the earthquake" on January 16th, 2018

Those Reporting the Earthquake on 1.16.2018 Report Findings Consistent Over Distance

This appears sort of consistent with it "not being an earthquake" as earthquakes usually dissipate over distance.

FACT 3:  Now, we do have one anomaly with all of this.  From the IRIS services, we have an audio wave form which is the audio picked up from the seismic detectors.  You can listen to the waveform here, but if you are ok with visual representations of sound, you will notice something very strange about the event on 1/16/2018:  It is missing the tell-tale signs of an "explosive" type event:

Audio Recording of The Event on January 16, 2018 in Michigan

This waveform presents somewhat of an issue.  To compare what an explosive type event looks like, lets take a look at what a waveform looks like during a brief explosion such as the very similar event that took place in Russia, 2013:

Russia Bolide Event, 2/15/2013:  Note the rapid increase and decrease in sound as the meteor explodes overhead
We don't have a match here do we?  No we don't.  The meteor that allegedly caused the "earthquake" doesn't have that nice peaked spike in audio, rather, it's flat and nearly constant.   Compare that to a similar event such as the one in Chelabinsk, Russia... and we have a problem.

FACT 4:  We know from NASA, NOAA and AMS, that they all believe and are calling the January 2016 event in Michigan a "Bolide" type event.  That is, a meteorite that explodes in the atmosphere as it enters at high speeds.  The AMS has stated that this particular event was the result of a bolide around 9ft in diameter traveling around 28,000MPH.
AMS Definitions for various Near Earth Object Natural Debris

That is plausible.  After all, we know of several such events as NASA has outlined nicely for us below:

From NASA Jet Propulsion Lab

We also know this according to NASA (believe what you will from this):

"Space debris encompasses both natural (meteoroid) and artificial (man-made) particles. Meteoroids are in orbit about the sun, while most artificial debris is in orbit about the Earth. Hence, the latter is more commonly referred to as orbital debris.

Orbital debris is any man-made object in orbit about the Earth which no longer serves a useful function. Such debris includes nonfunctional spacecraft, abandoned launch vehicle stages, mission-related debris and fragmentation debris.

There are more than 20,000 pieces of debris larger than a softball orbiting the Earth. They travel at speeds up to 17,500 mph, fast enough for a relatively small piece of orbital debris to damage a satellite or a spacecraft. There are 500,000 pieces of debris the size of a marble or larger. There are many millions of pieces of debris that are so small they can’t be tracked.

Even tiny paint flecks can damage a spacecraft when traveling at these velocities. In fact a number of space shuttle windows have been replaced because of damage caused by material that was analyzed and shown to be paint flecks.

“The greatest risk to space missions comes from non-trackable debris,” said Nicholas Johnson, NASA chief scientist for orbital debris.

With so much orbital debris, there have been surprisingly few disastrous collisions.

In 1996, a French satellite was hit and damaged by debris from a French rocket that had exploded a decade earlier. On Feb. 10, 2009, a defunct Russian satellite collided with and destroyed a functioning U.S. Iridium commercial satellite. The collision added more than 2,000 pieces of trackable debris to the inventory of space junk. China's 2007 anti-satellite test, which used a missile to destroy an old weather satellite, added more than 3,000 pieces to the debris problem."

The local National Weather Service claims to have captured the "meteor debris" on it's NEXRAD W-88 DualPol Radar system... NEXRAD is great to use, and I will assume the NWS is being transparent here:

National Weather Service makes claim that Meteor Debris was captured on NEXRAD Radar

While we do have radar signatures of an item careening through the atmosphere, it is within the speed ranges and size of either a bolide or satellites.  NEXRAD radar simply can't make that kind of distinction, so this leaves at least two options on the table.

We do have ample video, not the least significant are these... which do appear to show what appears to be a Super Bolide explosion in mid-air (Courtesy of: American Meteor Society)

The Military Industrial Complex Connection:

To make certain that I do not omit any other important facts regarding this event, a colleague of mine (unbeknownst to me at the time) had been investigating facts found on the ground.  That is to say, data points of interest surrounding the types of companies and structures in the "blast area" of the January 16th event.  To save you the time of going through her entire twitter feed looking for the important info, I will simply link it here:
Read Corey's Thread In Full:  Click Here


So did a Missile / Directed Energy Weapon / Satellite hit Michigan on January 16th, 2018?  The short answer is:  I just don't know based off of the information available.

I think given the scientific evidence, we can rule out a missile.  Missiles re-entering the atmosphere (if aimed and allowed to follow their trajectory) don't tend to create that type of visual effect as they are aerodynamic by design.  Even if destroyed upon re-entry, their velocity would then be greatly reduced to the point where there would be ample debris and evidence of combustion (i.e. smoke plumes / trails) none of which were reported.  It's also unlikely that a missile would possess the necessary mass to create a 2.0 level / magnitude "earthquake" or similar sensation.  Therefore, it's my opinion a missile is unlikely.

Directed Energy Weapons are the baby of DARPA and other clandestine operations, and therefore, there simply is not enough open-sourced intelligence to make any conclusions.

Satellite falling to earth / kill vehicle took out another nation's satellite?  This remains an option I am open to for several reasons, most of which I am still looking at while this article is being written.  We know that ZUMA was launched prior to this event, and it's been rumored to have been "lost" then "fully functional" and the truth is, we have no clue what the status or mission of ZUMA really was / is / will be.  I am leaving this option fully open.

There are other factors as well that start to send up red-flags as to what this might have actually been. Not the least of which was the speed and accuracy in which "meteor hunters" were able to collect data and determine the EXACT spot that meteor fragments landed.  I am not saying this is impossible, nor that I am absolutely discounting that they did find these fragments.  What I am saying, is that in the scheme of things, with the amount of area to search, the weather, the snow cover,   etc., to find extremely small fragments in less than 36 hours from the event, starts to sound a little implausible.  See the image below to see what I am referring to:

We are not talking about massive, red-hot glowing chunks of rock the size of a bowling ball or larger; the particles found are about the size of a golf ball.  And they were embedded on top of a snow-covered lake.  Pretty amazing find!  To put this into perspective, picture any stretch of beach... imagine someone painted one grain of sand black and tossed it randomly into the sand.  Now go find that black grain of sand.  What are the chances of finding it, regardless of any sophisticated tools or hundreds of people helping you out?  Pretty slim right?  It's not much different when searching for a small space rock, over hundreds of square miles in the dead of winter in Michigan.  Same concept as finding a grain of sand on a beach, slightly larger scale, but not by much.  In any case, feel free to read this incredible story if you wish here.  Personally, I am not buying it, but that's me.

Finally, the January 16, 2018 event doesn't exactly match prior known meteorite / bolide strikes, and we can prove this.  Additionally, we have that mysterious message from /pol/ posted on January 14, 2018.  Therefore, while I am inclined to lean towards a bolide / super-bolide type event given some of the video footage we have, there is enough of an open door for it to be something other than a meteor / bolide.

What are your thoughts?

NOTE:  This report will be updated ongoing as facts become available.

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