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Monday, January 22, 2018

New Type of Autopilot That Can Control Every Moving Object In Use


PFN TRAC technology provides the capacity to organize, record, report, relay and control data and equipment from a local protected control/router to create a large machine messaging matrix. Sharing or replacing local and standard Human Machine Interfacing HMI with accountable automated human assist controls, robotics and/or remote control accomplishes this. Additionally, the networking of various wireless technologies can be interfaced via a unique routing and translation process powered by stable current supplies from the machines, vehicles and equipment they are attached to.

This filing and use of PFN/TRAC controllers/routers deals with transportation and specifically avionics and air travel. It employs other similar PFN TRAC ASICS and technology from separate applications, but specifically to complete an air travel and transport management system with the FACT Security program. This management and security system manages and monitors all equipment, materials and personnel through the airport and gate to gate in the skies.

This advanced human machine interface provides for accountable remote and automated control of all machinery interfaced and controls traffic flow and movement on and near the earth s surface. The PFN TRAC units and system also records and reports all use and impacts and can proactively stop the unauthorized use or unsafe use of vehicles, aircraft and equipment. Further auto evaluations performed by the PFN controller/router and networks interfaced can determine tampering and improper interfacing in real-time.

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