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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Editorial / Opinion: When the QAnon Community Elevates Nobodies Into Self-Proclaimed Sombodies - Reality Checks Are Needed

When researching #QAnon, be aware of controlling individuals that are either close-minded, or are on a power-trip that are attempting to shut down any type of conversation regarding the entity known as "Q." Most experts on this topic agree that there are at least 2 distinctly different Q Anon's that have been posting on 4Chan / 8Chan since October, 2017. The original Q seems to have dropped off largely after late November 2017, and certainly by the first week of January 2018.

The below was a comment left on an article I authored (on my own website mind you) where the Board Owner at 4Chan had been doing a live interview with a colleague of mine, Colonel Roy Potter. During this interview I had transcribed notes so that listeners that missed the livestream would have instant access to the main points right afterwards and could easily go back and listen to the video in its entirety once YouTube did it's magic to process the live video into archives.

Bronwyn Llewellyn from the Q Anon group on Facebook left me this comment below. She doesn't know me, nor how many people in the QAnon, Patriot or Truth Movement I work with behind the scenes (as well as producing my own content)... this has been a disturbing trend, particularly with the Q Anon phenomenon. There are very very disturbing signals that the Q Anon movement is turning more and more cult-like and people are self-assigning themselves roles as "information police" (it happens frequently surrounding big events, intriguing people, etc.) often using the same phrases as the original person (in this case we often see people that are NOT Q use phrases that Q would use such as "future proves past", "expand your thinking", or phrases that are often seen on the Chan's such as "lurk more, post less" when someone has a basic question. While that may work on 4Chan / 8Chan, it doesn't translate well into other social media platforms such as Facebook. For f*cks sake, you are NOT Q... and if someone has a basic question, answer it!

Nothing is more ridiculous than watching a non-important individual self-elevate themselves to that of the person they are interested in. In this case, an invisible, faceless, and voiceless entity that is merely a letter, Q. No one is certain if it's a male, female, or a team of males, females or both. Therefore, it's quite humorous watching soccer moms, hockey dads and frustrated students making themselves a mirror image of the entity they are trying to study. I've said this more than a few times, but I will say it again here; the Q phenomenon is highly interesting as it is brining out the best and worst of our community. Sadly, the worst of our community tends to rear its head quite a bit, where simple questions are met with snarky replies. There will be a full story written up on this topic once it runs its course. But for now, I just wanted to let Ms. Llewellyn know that had she simply read the first line of the article she (banned?) from her little QAnon group, she would have seen that I didn't write the article based on anything I "studied" or "researched." It was a verbatim transcription of the Board Owner from Baruch, who operated the original 4Chan board that the ORIGINAL (and likely the "real" Q) used to post on before it all became compromised.

I am a Q supporter (in theory) and hope that in the end Q is everything that his/her supporters believe he/she is. I really am pulling for Q. But there are elements within the community that are slowly ruining the experience for many, especially those just entering into it after being "red-pilled." And to be clear, that is the worst possible time to be rude to anyone; if they were recently pilled, that means they are yearning to get information and learn. Snubbing a new person to the truth is never a good tactic; in fact it's the recipe to send them off and running right back to where they came from. Luckily, I likely have more experience than Ms. Llewellen will ever have and as such, am not worried about her little group or her opinion of anything I write.

But I am concerned with the potential for damage to newbies that have just been red-pilled and faced with similar non-welcoming commentary. Taking a look at the Facebook group she is Administrator of, it took me all of 3 posts to see that she is equally as condescending in her group as she is when leaving comments on my website. So for Ms. Llewellen, I hope when you read this, realize that your importance in the scheme of things is very small. Self aggrandizing is not a good trait to present to those looking for information on Q Anon, particularly if they are brand new to it all.... and there are new people coming in to the community every day. Ultimately the choice is yours to make, but I would highly suggest an attitude correction before you do damage to recently red-pilled Democrats. Think before you act.

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