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Tuesday, February 13, 2018


History of the NEW Q and the “ORIGINAL Q”: (Notes taken during livestream with Lt. Colonel Roy Potter & 4Chan Board Owner, "Baruch")

4Chan Board Owner that had contacts with the Original Q was in Discord with 8Chan moderators with Dr Corsi after there was some potential compromises with Q’s security and trip-code potential hacking.

January 5, 2018 Q posted from an IP address that he never used before on 4Chan.  This had been a major alert for the Board Owner at 4Chan.

Baruch has mod logs from the 4Chan boards and has maintained them for anyone to look over as well as for his own security and archiving reasons.

Baruch had called the “New Q” that was using bogus IP (Internet Protocol Address)… called him out for using cracked passcode and made him aware that he knew that this was not the same Q posting on the boards prior to January 5, 2018 (the Original Q had been posting since late October 2017 - January 5th, 2018 approximately).

Baruch posted the logs and the real Q logs… used several IP address, and the new Q used a new device ID which did not match any of the other device ID’s or IP Addresses.  Again, therefore confirming that this was not the original Q.

New Q demanded to use new board, did not want to use 4Chan suddenly.  After a meeting with those who ran boards on 4Chan/8Chan, it was decided that 8Chan would become the new board.

8Chan board owner changed the trip code although the new Q wasn’t thoroughly vetted and 4Chan Board Owner (BO) was suspicious of the New Q.  8Chan board owner (not Baruch) also stated he checked the IP Address and basically validated the new Q without due diligence (this is the opinion of 4Chan BO, Baruch).

New Q started posting on 8Chan /Great Awakening… strange behaviors started almost immediately; deleted posts 2 and 3.  Posts 1 and 4 are there, but those two posts are gone and were strangely pulled.


Baruch has a digital forensics background;  has extensive experiences in Information Technology and Digital Security services and security.

Stated that “Logs do not lie.”  The 4Chan logs proved that the new Q was not legit or at the very least, was not the same person or team as the Original Q.


Black Forest:  This was touted as a major drop by Q.  However, the “Black Forest” news wasn’t a breaking story, nor was it a true prediction of the future. The New Q had made it sound is if he/she was predicting a future event with the selling of Rothschild’s Estate. A week later the news came out in Mainstream Media that the Rothschids were selling their estate;  however, the Rothschild’s estate was 700 miles away in a different country and it was actually in the news weeks before, therefore it was not a “new” or prophetic story.

China:  The New Q posted photos from China indicated there was a raid and an arrest of an apparent high-level target. However, twitter and Youtube Channel operator “AllSeeingEyeWatcher” found discrepancy right away.  There were multiple windows open in the photographs, not just the one Q alluded to (trying to create the narrative that only one window was open to reduce the blast from a flash-grenade during a raid/arrest).  To some, this photo proved as proof that the New Q was in fact the same Q.  However, based on the quick observations by AllSeeingEyeWatcher, it was clear that this information was simply incorrect.  As such, to anyone with investigative backgrounds, we know that this photo from China is now worthless as any “proof” or “evidence” of anything.

Q got it wrong on the Russia plane.  There were no hard facts on this crash of Flight 71 in Russia, nor was it predicted.  There were merely statements by the New Q after the fact stating to look over the passenger manifest, and a search of names went on for hours with many speculating that a certain passenger was the “target.”  As of today, the Russian government is pretty certain the crash was the result of pilot error, and eye witness accounts on the ground in Russia would actually concur with the assessment of pilot error.  In any case, there was no intelligence provided beforehand of any operation on this aircraft or any indication the aircraft was targeted.

Q posted DEFCON1 which was breaking with military protocol.  The Original Q provided information and stringer codes utilizing correct military or intelligence protocols.  The DEFCON1 information posted, was later corrected to mean something other than “Defense Condition 1” which is the highest state of alert for the US Military.  Instead, arguments within the Patriot community ensued, particularly among military members, as the use of DEFCON1 indicates an immediate and imminent missile attack on US soil.  As it turns out, a week later there was a “false alarm” for an incoming ICBM in Hawaii (discussed below) however, this was not forecast by the New Q.

The old Q had a methodology that could be followed and the information was almost always deemed credible.  Some of the information is still being validated to this day due to the complexity of the stringer codes and cyptology.  In any case, what was clear was that the Original Q had credible intelligence and passed it on via 4Chan in a very methodical way, leaving little room for error or reckless dispatching of information.

The Original Q was able to explain the Saudi Arabia Takeover event before it happened, and helped the readers of the Q messages understand what was happening and why.


The NEW Q also has credible intelligence but it is not in the same manner… likely the result of a handler or possibly a lower level intelligence operator.  In any case, the information being broadcast is not being relayed in the same manner as the Original Q

Q was a team likely right through January 5th.  Easily validated by posts on Twitter.  It was easy to prove that the old Q was near to POTUS and POTUS was watching.  In fact there were many times where the President would tweet items immediately after the Original Q would post an item onto the Chans.  This behavior and confirmation system stopped prior to January 5, 2018.  As of this date, none of the Q posts contain the same level of Q POST / POTUS CONFIRMATION system that the Original Q system provided.

HAWAII:  The false alarm proved to be somewhat correct.  It is not clear if this was intelligence that was forewarned by the New Q, or not.  It is believed by many that this was a real missile attack… but the information was likely used to position assets… Clintons were in Hawaii, CBS News was in position to get immediate reaction, etc. Conveniently there were tourist boats in the area to capture images of what appeared to be a missile launch near the islands of Hawaii.  It is the belief of caller Baruch, that this missile launch warning was not an error, and that there was an actual missile launch that has been covered up.  It is not clear what role the New Q played in this, however, it does not appear to be directly tied to the DEFCON1 warning issued the week before, otherwise, the New Q and others would not have tried to downplay that message to mean “Definite Confirmation” or any other phrase.  DEFCON 1 only has one meaning within the military and intelligence community, and that is one of an imminent ICBM Nuclear strike.


Baruch claims that the new Q is likely run by a team of white hats and they want to continue the original Q “mission.”  However, it appears they do not have the same direct access to POTUS which is troubling since the New Q is alluding to the fact that he/she/they are the Original Q with the same level of direct access (which we know is not the case).

The New Q did provide intelligence on John Barlow and in fact predicted his untimely death about 10 days in advance.  This is evidence that there is a level of Intelligence Community input and activity.  To what degree and who is making the directive calls is still not known. 

New Q does not post active military stringers.  This confuses 4Chan Board Owner, Baruch, as Dr Corsi is providing the necessary validation of the new Q posts, all the while knowing that the codes provided by the New Q are not valid military stringers or action codes.

ERP was where old Q was.  Adm Rodgers had them removed… and therefore lost direct access.

Old Q will never be able to post on 8Chan again.  Too much confusion and mistrust for him to be able to effectively post. 

Sticky posts on 4Chan have all of the logging information.  Baruch is not saying to NOT look, but rather go and look and try to verify information for yourself.

As early as November there were attempts to hack the trip codes… it takes serious hardware to break a trip code which would be on the intelligence level.


Roy Potter was approached early this AM, stating that the people that compromised the real Q, may have been a local group of IT techs that may have hacked Q… Baruch stated that it was difficult to crack but could have been done by a person with access to a super______ MD5 hash ______ .  You do need serious hardware to do it, but it could have been done locally.

The second issue is WHO is feeding the new Q intel?  They spent effort to crack the code and then made it so that the new Q would be able to pass on somewhat credible info.

Reasons why things may have changed:
Compromised real operations and authentication codes.
Orders to kidnap Rothschild was a real go-order
Current Q does not post any orders or military codes.
Environment surrounding POTUS has changed and that may also be the reason that the Q team has changed.

Via Gmail with Roy

Baruch stated in July, Defango who is good at puzzles, was involved in Ciccada which was likely published by an intelligence agency.  Defango stated that he was Q several times on his own live-streams, however, the info that Defango stated he predicted (George Soros transferring money) was not part of the equation until later in October and therefore could not have been predicted in July… it was not an item that would have been known.

Baruch stated that he does not believe that Defango could be part of the Q Team.  Baruch stated that Defango didn’t know that the tripcode on 4Chan was violated, and in fact, according to Baruch, Defango didn’t know how tripcodes operated (this was a direct statement by 4Chan Board Owner, Baruch, not this writer).

Old Q has provided several past proofs like the Vatican (Lords Prayer being changed) etc, and that there were proof of foreknowledge provided by the Original Q of events which Defango would never have had any clues about, nor would know about.

Topic of “B”

Accusation:  Roy and/or Associates created Twitter Account known as  “B”:

Baruch:  Stated he has followed B since the account was created.  Assumed B was just interested in Q.  There is no proof that anyone like Roy created B.  Suggested to Roy Potter to ask him (Defango) for hard proof of any such accusations.  Baruch admits that there are strange things with the B account going on, but Baruch stated the claim that Roy or anyone else created that account is ridiculous.


WE NEED TO FOLLOW Q BECAUSE THERE IS A LOT OF “RED-PIILING” OF LOTS OF PEOPLE (Baruch from 4Chan referring to a comment on Roy’s live-stream chat)
Baruch stated yes, there are 100’s of “Q Anon” tags per second so yes there are red pulling activities going on;
The new Q is passing on some real intel, but not at all like the old Q, and is not producing accurate military codes


The new Q stated that “if you don’t understand or if you question, then you have no place in the discussion.”
Baruch stated the Original Q treated everyone like adults. Very encouraging.  Called us all Patriots and helped us when we got stuck.  This new Q doesn’t do this.
Baruch also stated he had private messages with the Original Q that would pose as an ANON on 4Chan as proofs or for validating which was easy to check via IP address.  There were funny private messages that the real Q would provide to help mods get a push in the right direction if/when they got off track with the intended message.  This is not happening currently to anyone’s knowledge.


Roy stated that B and Q were stating that everyone was interpreting the DEFCON in the wrong way. Roy explained the use of DEFCON was incorrect which caused major rift in military circles.  B, right before she disappeared, mentioned Roy / Jack P / Mike Cernovich… they would be “outed” as Deep State actors.  This caused concern by Roy as it was patently false, as well as the ________.  Roy believes that the B account was hacked because the conduct of the accusations are similar by the local group (reference to “Defango”) making threats / statements in recent video live-streams.

Baruch stated he has a screen caps of Defango’s Gmail account that was in the background of one of his livestream.  “One can not be too careful with security awareness.”  

“We know POTUS account was taken down by CIA.  Therefore we know that there are those in IC that may be bad actors or trolling by those within the IC.  There are powerful people involved.  The CIA was able to slide the 4Chan boards at will in November so they are able to mess with people at will.”

According to Baruch, inside the CIA, there is a pissing match of “I know something that you don’t” and it is a driving force many times. There are inter/intra-agency ego battles.

Advice:  Don’t trust anybody… or trust but verify…. check everything out for yourself.

We still have enough of the original Q methods to continue Red-Pilling… 

We have a problem with North Korea coming up… don’t be a cult member, don’t be a blind follower… don’t just go along with the herd… 

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