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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Insider Look at North Korea: It's Not Nearly As Strange As Many Think

February 11, 2018

Looking around social media, or anywhere else for that matter, to obtain images and video inside the rogue nation of DPRK (North Korea) is no easy task.  However, one Canadian user on twitter, Michael Spavor has made it much easier.  Mr. Spavor runs a North Korea Touring company called Paektu Cultural Exchange, and as such, has permission to take photos and video inside this mysterious country.

Not surprisingly, what we find when viewing his videos, is that no matter where you go "people are just people."  They are doing normal everyday things just like we all do;  go shopping, eat at restaurants, enjoy time with friends and family.  Of course, there's no way to know just how "normal" the entire country is, but looking at his twitter feed, it looks pretty normal, at least on the surface.  Enjoy these videos, they are pretty intriguing:

(All videos can be found on Michael Spavor's twitter / periscope):

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