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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Mass Casualty Incident Drill Scheduled for March 18th, 2018: Please Stay Alert

While there is no assertion being made that the City of Dallas, nor any First Responders, Medical Personnel or any City Manager, Mayor, or other Official is planning anything other than a Mass Casualty Drill on March 18, 2018, it can not be stated strongly enough that surrounding these types of drills, we often see a true Mass Casualty Event occur.  In writing this, I can also not state strongly enough to re-read the first sentence as the First Responder community of Dallas/Fort Worth is known to be highly dedicated and professional and this in no way is meant to disrespect them or their efforts to protect their community.

We simply need to be aware of past Mass Casualty Events that tend to circulate around planned drills, regardless of who is holding the drill.

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Link: APIC / DFW

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A Craigslist advertisement was placed earlier this date (Feb 22, 2018) asking for 16 crisis actors to be used on a "drill" of sorts on 3/4/2018 in the Houston, Texas area.  $1000 was be offered as compensation.  Location of drill unknown.  While this does not correspond to the Dallas MCI Training, it is concerning none-the-less as the advertisement was pulled shortly after it was posted.

Luckily an Anon grabbed it in search cache:

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