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Wednesday, February 28, 2018


CDC Official Who Handled Zika, Ebola Outbreaks Mysteriously Disappears Without a Trace 

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Below are my tweets to this very peculiar missing person who works in an environment that possesses its own inherent risks and challenges.

The press Briefing given yesterday really does a huge injustice to the public that could be assisting in locating Dr Cunningham...  NOTHING about this case is “normal” or “routine”... and in my opinion, facts were withheld on purpose.

He is an 

Dr. Cunningham is an Epidemiologist in the Chronic Illness division:

        Translated: He’s a physician that studies the process, causes, trends, treatments, mortality & potential cures of major illnesses such as Cancer, AIDS, etc

The fact that he has been deployed to areas infected with Ebola as part of the US Health Services, tells us he also is part of ACUTE ILLNESS / EPIDEMIC RESPONSE.

He holds the official rank of “Commander”... this is not some hapless stock boy... while it may be true he doesn’t work in any “classified” locations within the CDC, I bet he’s chummy with others that do.

The Atlanta Georgia Police press conference stated that the only thing unusual was that all of his belongings were left in the home.  Honestly, this point alone raises all sorts of red flags, but we are told to avoid delving into “CONSPIRACY THEORIES.”

Dr Cunningham tells his neighbor’s WIFE to erase his cell number from her phone before he vanished.  This fact was only begrudgingly acknowledged after media asked that question... it wouldn’t have been provided most likely if they didn’t ask.  WHY?  What was their connection?

Dr Cunningham’s Home had the second floor windows to a bathroom and laundry room found “opened”....  Police didn’t find this odd because he has a dog.  What? Police only say it is strange because he’s “Environmentally Friendly.”

The wooded area (only) is searched by a K-9 unit.  No other areas are searched by K9.  “In the following days and weeks we may search other areas with more K9’s...”  How about we just wait until July 4th and try at that time? I mean, it’s not as if he’s a missing persons or potentially kidnapped, or potentially compromised somehow, right? Oh wait... he is missing.  Perhaps law enforcement may want to re-think that whole “wait-&-see” approach to their investigation.

Other than the above, we only know he didn’t get a promotion recently, called out of work twice in February, left work after talking with supervisor to discuss why he wasn’t promoted, called his mother on his way home (missed call/no voicemail left)... and parked in garage. 

Car ok in garage, cell phone, drivers license & ID’s at home with his keys.  No strange emails or browser activity.  No debit card / credit card or cell use.


Law Enforcement would most likely look at these possibilities in a “routine” case like this:

-Medical Issues: He was reportedly “Not feeling well” on several occasions earlier this month and called out from work.
- Acute Delirium
-Other medical issue such as a “Stroke” or “Heart Attack”
- Kidnapping
- Extortion
- Mental Snap
- Just wants off the grid
- Other conspiracy theories

Regarding “conspiracy theories” we are told to NOT look at:

-He went rogue with a virus or other biohazard;
- Neighbor wife issue
- Espionage
- Mafia / Organized Crime
- zombie apocalypse 

Note: Suicide is a possibility as well

Mother was reportedly telling someone that Dr Cunningham had some “personal issues.”  We don’t know the scope of, type of, or severity of those issues... not answered at press Briefing.   WHY NOT?

What we don’t know:

-Were all hospitals checked
- Were any vehicles seen in the area (cable vans, HVAC, etc)
- Phone records pulled and combed through
- Sig Other?
- Work conflicts
- Any business dealings?
- Gambling or other debts?
- FBI contact?
- Mental Health facilities checked?

Also not known:

Was Dr Cunningham exposed to any pathogens either as part of his Ebola Response or inadvertently at CDC?

Did he see a physician recently or ongoing for his “not feeling well” spells recently?  Any recent medical tests done?

WHAT was the significance of telling his neighbor’s wife to delete his cell number? Did she delete it?  What did her spouse say?  Major red flag obviously but police don’t want to discuss this for some reason.

Obvious Question:  WHY the limited K9 search?  It was deemed necessary to utilize a K9... Were there any “hits” by the K9?  If not, why did police limit the search? If there was a “hit” where did the K9 locate a scent?

Does Dr Cunningham only own / operate the one vehicle he drove home that day or does he have another mode of transportation?  Does he have access to any public transportation?

What does his bank account look like?  Any recent cash withdrawals?  Does he have a safe?

Did Dr Cunningham talk to anyone else at the CDC?  Either regularly or recently?  What have THEY said?

What exactly were the last internet searches and browser history telling police?  Did he frequent any message boards?  Does he use chat apps?

Does his residence have security cameras?  What about his neighbors?

WHY are these questions not already answered and cleared?

If this was in fact a suicide we need to at least consider these questions:

- How did he commit suicide?
- Where did he do it?
- What method was used?
- Does he have the means to do it (i.e. weapons?)
- Are there natural / structural means to do it (i.e. large bridge, water, etc)


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