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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Breaking: Veterans on Patrol (VOP) Make Gruesome Discovery - Unearthed a Human Skull

Veterans on Patrol (VOP) #OperationBackyardBrawl Update:  6/7/2018 16:00ET

According to Lewis Arthur, his Veterans on Patrol efforts found what they are calling a "child's skull under 14 years of age" along a section of I-19 in the southern Arizona desert.  According to Mr. Arthur, Border Patrol was initially contacted, however, during his live broadcast, he stated that USBP advised him that his VOP personnel would need to contact local law enforcement themselves.

LiveStream Broadcast of apparent skull discovery:

"Waiting for Sheriff Department" (Started approx at 16:40ET)

After Discovery Update: Sheriff Deputies Secured Remains

Images were posted after the broadcast which depicts what appears to be a human skull of a small size (based upon items placed nearby that gives spacial awareness for the viewer).  This is a developing story.

Approximately 18:00ET, its been reported by Veterans on Patrol that at least 5 Sheriff Deputies were at the location and have secured the scene of the skeletal remains.

(Photo Credit:  VOP Alpha Co- Team Pulaski)

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