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Monday, July 23, 2018


July 23, 2018

Dear Special Counsel Mueller;

It's time to pony up.  Show your cards.  Let the chips fall where they may.  At this point, you either have a clear understanding of whether there is any "Russian Collusion" or not.  Given Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's comments last week upon the "breaking news" that 12 more Russians were indicted, it was made clear no Americans knowingly engaged with any Russians.

Let's be real here for a moment shall we?  Your investigation that no longer has President Trump (or any other American) as the target, needs to end.  There is nothing of value left for continuing on.  We all know Russia attempted to interfere in the 2016 Elections.  Not even Donald Trump is disputing that.

Clear his name now from this drama.  The reason is clear.


You know it as well as the rest of us.  No person can function at 100% capacity while a large team of prosecutors is sneaking around trying to apply pressure to people associated with the President during the campaign.  The major issue here, however, is that you are investigating a sitting President.  One that is dealing with very real national security issues including North Korea, Russia and as we can see below, Iran most recently.

It is bad enough that the mainstream media runs continuous negative press about the President which is causing serious division in our Country.  This all stems from your investigation.  Nowhere else.  

It is well known that Russia and the U.S. are at their lowest points of affinity right now.  The mainstream media isn't running the real story about Russia, which is, that military conflict is not only possible, but probable on our current course.  Same with Iran.  We sit at the crossroads of not only the real prospects of a hot war with Iran or Russia, but also from within our own borders.  

It disturbs me greatly that at this juncture, your team of prosecutors is more concerned with optics over having targeted a President based off bad intelligence ("Steele Dossier"), not to mention the highly questionable spy tactics used to foment FISA warrants unethically, and is less concerned over the probable hostilities that may ensue should you fail to clear President Trump shortly.

To refresh your memory a bit, here's what happened the last time a sitting President was targeted by a Special Prosecutor; September 11th, 2001 happened!

I am sure you can recall vividly President Clinton being endlessly pursued by then Special Prosecutor Ken Starr.  Which ultimately only really ended up focusing on Monica Lewinsky and some oral antics in the Oval Office.  However, all those years taking his eye off the ball, allowed for botched decisions, one after the other, right through the end of Clinton's Presidency in 2000 / early 2001.  It was only mere months later that America suffered lethal blows in NY, Washington and PA.

America can withstand being told the truth;  that the investigation into Trump was only started as the result of unethical practices by the Department of Justice.  We already know that.  

We also know that Russia attempted to meddle in the 2016 Elections, just as our 17 Intelligence Community agencies stated.  Just like Russia has likely done every year since 1950.  There is nothing new in 2018 that America and Russia haven't engaged in mutually for the last 70 years.

The stakes are higher this time around Mr. Mueller.  This time, North Korea has nuclear weapons.  It isn't clear if Iran does.  But with Russia likely aiding and abetting them both behind the scenes, is now the time you really want to roll the dice to "look good" to a small percentage of Americans?  After all, less than 1%, less than 1% actually deem "Russia meddling" of any importance.

The Russians aren't able to "hack" our elections.  They aren't able to switch votes.  They aren't able to push public opinion.  But our own news media, and you, can.  And that's likely the most scary thing of all.

End it Mr. Mueller, now, for the benefit of America.

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