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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Seth Rich Investigation: Witness Press Briefing With Open Press (Full Written Transcription)

Interviewee:  “Luke”
Moderator:  Jack Burkman, Esq.
Open Press Briefing
Holiday Inn, Arlington, VA

July 10, 2018
Seth Rich Homicide Witness Statement / Press Conference

Background Statement / Historical Factual Summary
  1. Witness to homicide of Seth Rich post shooting.
  2. Called in to cell phone as phone system in Holiday Inn wouldn’t work.
  3. Frank __________ American Media gave statement on background.
  4. Military career, second half of career in Intelligence Community;  consultant into foreign and domestic terrorism.  Maintained contacts with IC in Baltimore.
  5. Knew suspects surrounding Seth Rich homicide personally, and interacted with them extensively.
  6. Luke states he did not know Seth Rich.  Only learned of the name when suspects started to brag about the Seth Rich homicide.
  7. Three people were surveilling Seth Rich.
  8. Started surveillance after computer breach.  According to Luke, the surveillance was started due to Seth Rich getting too close for comfort.  They believed they were under investigation, and the computer breach set off all sorts of bells and whistles.  They wanted to know immediately who Seth Rich was and what he was doing in the email system.
  9. One suspect is DEA and one is ATF.
  10. The two agents were bragging about the Seth Rich homicide well before Luke knew Seth Rich’s name.
  11. Once the agents were bragging about the homicide and then later revealed the name “Seth Rich”, Luke did his own research into who Rich was, and found out what they were talking about through his channels.
  12. They didn’t provide many details regarding the night of the homicide and leading up to it, but it was easy to determine why the homicide occurred;  emails and manipulations of the emails.
  13. Luke does not know if Rich turned over files to WikiLeaks or not.
  14. When Seth Rich entered into the DNC server, the agents had control over, it “set off everything.”
  15. The DEA / ATF agent knew that Seth Rich had a “thumb drive / flash drive” on her person at all times.
  16. The flash drive was never left at home.
  17. The night of the Seth Rich homicide there was a physical confrontation to obtain the flash drive.
  18. Three people took part in the confrontation;  DEA Agent, ATF Agent, and one civilian (ex-agent / friend of the DEA / ATF agent).
  19. Jake Burkman stated he was shot by a “Kevin Dougherty” and asked Luke what the relationship was between Dougherty and the two agents;  Luke stated that Dougherty’s background was sketchy and he was an ex-agent from US Department of Energy (DOE) and he was used by the DEA / ATF agent to do their “dirty work.”  Otherwise, his background is unreliable.
  20. Luke states that Dougherty’s aspirations were to be employed by one of the federal law enforcement agencies, however, according to Luke, the agents in question would laugh at Dougherty behind his back and knew he would never be hired.
  21. Luke provided scope of players involved that provided information to him;  there was a group of people that had worked for Rod Rosenstein when he was a US Attorney in Baltimore, MD.  There were others attached to Rosenstein that were part of his “dirty trick squad” that would engage in unethical acts at the behest of Rosenstein.
  22. Luke stated that Rosenstein was their “protection” on the back end;  if he was not outright authorizing their dirty dealings, he was certainly making sure they would not be prosecuted for any crimes they committed.  It wasn’t until Rosenstein became Deputy Attorney General of the United States where the corrupt agents felt their protections may have been decreasing, and they started to question their level of exposure to crimes they may have committed.
  23. There were other details that have come to light regarding the Seth Rich homicide;  MS-13 was an early rumor, however, the DEA Agent was an expert that dealt with MS-13.  Other rumors involved the “Russians” however, Luke doesn’t believe the Russians had anything to do with it although there is a Russian tie-in regarding Russians and Rod Rosenstein dealing with money laundering and bitcoin going in and out of Russia.  Another rumor was that Hillary Clinton had Seth Rich killed, however, the people that did the shooting and planted evidence were all Republicans, and the killing had everything to do with “power and control.”
  24. More information on the thumb drive:  The background goes back at least 15 years and had to do with information “sharing” which was really more about “information control.”  This dealt specifically with making “selective prosecutions” possible as well as making other prosecutions go away.  On the next level up, information on others could be shared or sold for profit.  On the computer level, just prior to the 2008 election of President Obama, Hillary Clinton’s systems were breached and they had information on everyone that entered that particular Clinton server in 2008.  Emails could be then changed, manipulated, classification settings could be altered.  This process continued throughout the entire Obama Administration and continued right through to the time period when most though Hillary Clinton would win in the 2016 election.  Rod Rosenstein at that time “pulled out all the stops” as Rosentein and Clinton had a very hostile relationship;  his actions did not have anything to do with helping President Trump win / Hillary Clinton lose, as he didn’t choose political sides to engage with, it all had to do with retaining his power / control, regardless of political party.  
  25. Rosentstein and his agents would gather information on “Level 3” judges, that is, justices that are appointed by Article III of the United States Constitution (SCOTUS / Federal District Judges) which are about 120 in total.  If they couldn’t get to a particular judge directly, they would gain control through one of their family members.
  26. In 2006, the National Security Division of the DoJ came into play, at which time they gained more access to much wider things and it became a much more frequent process where cases in any agency such as the FBI, CIA, etc., to be brought to a National Security attorney and control would be manipulated at that level.  They wanted control of the DOJ (the wall).  They could bring a president down with a lawyer and/or a judge, and that was the control they were seeking.


  1. (Daily Beast)  Why should anyone believe what you are saying?  You could be anyone as we have no proof of what you are saying today?   (ANSWER)  Evidence has been turned over.  Testimony has been given to people who have vetted it.  I have been polygraphed.  And there is a lot more available.  It goes beyond what you might get on open source including times, dates, places, addresses, different players, different countries, bank routing numbers.
  2. (Jack Burkman)  Is there anything you can tell us in the broadest strokes possible about the people involved from whom you got the core information on this case?   (ANSWER)  There is a computer expert that ultimately ended up with the thumb drive, the people that were involved in the homicide, and information also provided information from the periphery through a mutual friend.  The people that actually committed the act were openly discussing it.
  3. (Question)  Are you a federal agent?   (ANSWER) No.  I worked in the Intelligence Community and that’s all I can say about that.
  4. (Question)  Was the thumb drive inside the watch of Seth Rich?   (ANSWER)  No.  I didn’t see the physical thumb drive itself, but I don’t think it was just a “SD Card” but a physical drive.
  5. (Channel 7)  Why are you talking to the media and not to the DC Police?  (ANSWER INTERRUPTED)  Frank:  Luke doesn’t know the genesis of what we have been trying to do.  We approached people in the Rayburn Building (Congress) they have access to this information, they just haven’t acted on it.  LUKE:  I have tried to seek out law enforcement assistance.  Any agents you go to the file a report and that eventually goes to the DoJ for investigation and it won’t go very far before it goes to Rod (Rosenstein).  It would have to be something besides that channel to show the rest.
  6. (Question)  Have you talked to the DC Police, they aren’t federal?  (ANSWER)  I have not but I am sure it would in some fashion (unclear if Luke heard the question correctly)
  7. (Question)  So your interest in talking to the DC Police, if they approach you?  (ANSWER)  Well there is no safety.  There would need to be safety of some type.  We are far into the danger zone, not this particular conversation, but exposure has already happened, so we do have to be careful.  I would relish talking to any legitimate investigators especially if there is protection involved.
  8. (Jack Burkman) I guess the question is that if we could set up a clandestine meeting with the DC Police so that no one knew when or where it was occurring would you be willing to do that? (ANSWER)  Yes.  So long as it was safe.
  9. (Question)  Why would we expect the DC Police would investigate anything now?  For 2 years they seem to be suppressing the investigation?  (ANSWER) Jack: I agree with you.  My belief is that this thing has gone into the “cold case file.”  It goes back to the case we filed a year ago.  I cant imagine any reason why anybody would resist on the ballistic report.  If the police have their heart in solving this case, and we have all these people willing to help, why would they resist on ballistics and even the medical examiners report.  It makes no sense to me.
  10. (Question)  Jack, why have you taken such a personal interest in this case?  (ANSWER)  Jack: Just what I’ve said from the outset, and that is, that I view us all as one big political fraternity.  I mean Seth may have been a far left Democrat, I am a far right Republican, but this could have happened to any one of the men or women that work for me.  And we are one big family in DC and I feel a compulsion to help.
  11. (Question) If you have a witness that is willing to talk to DC Police, why are you talking to the press first?  (ANSWER)  Jack: Well, that goes back to the other gentleman here, in that, we just, all of us involved, we have tried extensively, even after the lawsuit, I have tried to work with them, unfortunately the Chief of Police and the Mayor are done talking to me.  We have tried, trust me its on their end not ours.  I am willing to sit down and talk anywhere at any time to share what we have, to work with them.  I would like to see the other video, the ballistics, you would have to pose that question to the Chief.
  12. (Question)  If you are saying that there are two people involved, and you are saying you are already in danger, whats the reason at this point for not just giving up their names?  (ANSWER) The danger is that they are geographically close to me.  And they are nasty.  So there is no reason to go and invite that when protection could be easily arranged.  (INTERJECTION)  Jack:  I think from my point of view just as a lawyer, if you presume that a witness is telling the truth, and we think he is, if you assume that, then the reasons he would fear for his safety are quite obvious… you are dealing with bad feds.  One of the things I’ve come across in this case, its becoming clear that a big problem in the law enforcement bureaucracy and other bureaucracies is that the government is operating out of necessity where there are too many people operating on the opposite side of the law.  And now you’re seeing with Seth we are bringing too many bad people in the government, you know take the DEA, they can’t chase the Mexican drug lords unless they get people that know that scene and have been involved with them, etc.,  The agency does the same thing.  This is becoming a big problem in the United States.
  13. (Question / Yahoo News) Did you know these alleged perpetrators beforehand, and how did you come upon this information since it seems odd they would be discussing a plot like this in a way that an outsider could hear it?  (ANSWER)  I’m not an outsider.  I’ve known them for several years and have known them just as long.  
  14. (Question / Yahoo News) But they would just discuss this openly or just sort of with you, knowing that you were aware of the plan but not involved in it?  (ANSWER) Yes.  Because they would just talk about it in the core group, they were just kind of bragging about it.  Remember they had protection as I said before on the other side of it, so yes, they were comfortable with it.  We go to each other’s homes, its at that level.
  15. (Question / Yahoo News)  Did they ever ask you to become involved in any of this?  (ANSWER) No.  This was done on their side.  They are ok.  I stay on the terrorist side of things, finance side, not computer or other things.
  16. (Question / Jack Burkman)  Why do you surmise they would be comfortable in bragging?  (ANSWER) Well, one because they were dumb enough to do it, but also because it was a small group, so the things that were normally discussed, the other crimes that they were perpetrating, this was not even the largest.  I don’t mean to sound cold, but we are talking about people that are engaging in money laundering, espionage, sedition, treason, etc., this was not the top of the list.
  17. (Question / Jack Burkman)  Are you saying that these people may have been involved or indeed you know they were involved in other crimes?  (ANSWER) Yes.  And they came under the purview of Rod Rosenstein.  They have done this throughout their career.  They have been in trouble in their own departments.  Long ago the Agency had certain things happen and they kept it in there.
  18. (Question) We’ve had these periodic bursts of information about Seth Rich that often seem to coincide with other significant events. We had Mike Flynn had a status hearing this morning, we have Peter Strzok testifying Thursday, why did you choose the second anniversary of his death to release this information?  (ANSWER) Jack: Well we did it to honor Seth and his family because I felt this would be an appropriate time to do that.  That was the reason for my choosing this date.
  19. (Question) But you said the family was unhappy with you why would you continue to do things to… (ANSWER)  They are not my guiding light.  I want to solve this and I have to keep pushing on until I do.
  20. (Question) This has been seized on by a lot of those adhering to the QAnon Conspiracy Theory.  Are you aware of that, or does Luke have any thoughts on that as an Intelligence Operative?  (ANSWER)  I don’t follow Q.  The few little things that I’ve seen from him that deal with Rod Rosenstein within my view were not necessarily correct or interpreted correctly from what I knew so I didn’t give it much attention.
  21. (Question) Jack, you are known as a publicity savvy kind of guy, throwing press conferences, what do you say about those who say look, here is a guy looking to promote his own career off the death of a young man?  (ANSWER) Jack:  Look I know why people would say that, but I need to just press on.  The press are our partners.  We need your help.  It is only through press coverage that we can go from A to B to C to D.  With a case like this, I don’t know any other way to do it.  My initial thought was that a reward would be enough and I encouraged others and they did, it got up over $455,000.  My initial thought two years ago would be that would be plenty and this thing will solve quickly, because initially, I thought the DC Police were right.  But when no one came forward, and this case went into the cold case file, I had to look at other theories.
  22. (Question / Washinton Post)  I would like to go back to the first question, which I don’t think was really answered.  I am a little puzzled as to why you think anyone would believe you, and therefore, I was hopeful that you might provide us with some piece of information, or document, or something else to support you have special information about this.  (ANSWER)  I understand.  And like I said over the phone it would be difficult.  Once this is investigated by someone, it’s easy to find me, it’s easy to find me in the documents, its easy to find me working along side of these people.  Its easy to do but a little difficult over the phone.  Like I said, there’s safety, and theres Congressional investigation, it’s very simple.  (INTERJECTION) Jack:  I think this is more a question for me than for him.  This is the first part, this is only the first step in a process.  We are planning other things, this is the kickoff of this.  This is not the end, this is the beginning of the end.  We are planning other things.
  23. (Question / Washington Post) I mean for us to put a lot of credibility into what you are saying, Jack brought up the notion that he’s an attorney and the way that witnesses are questioned, and one of the way witnesses are questioned is to establish their credibility, and I haven’t heard anything yet that establishes your credibility and I think that’s what the question that would be paramount in anyone else’s mind who is listening to this.  So you are saying there are documents, so I would say, show us the documents.  (ANSWER)  I understand.  And I will, to the investigation.  The best I can tell you from now through the phone is to check what I have said.  It’s easy enough to verify a lot of this and prove it.  Look for, and start connecting the dots.  But I cant do it without the safety.  Theres not just myself involved.  (INTERJECTION)  Washington Post:  AND CHECK WHAT?  (ANSWER) Check the Russian connection, check the people out, check the information about the murder how it actually happened.  They discussed details.  What they did, how he crawled away, I will tell you if you want to hear it.  It’s easy to verify some of this and go from there.  But I can’t just spill everything now. I can’t produce my DD-214… (INTERJECTION) Jack:  CAN YOU GIVE US DETAILS OF THAT NIGHT, WHAT CAN YOU TELL US?  (ANSWER)  There were three there that night.  The two were waiting near his home.  One was following him.  They were watching him on and off for a week and 1/2 to 2 weeks prior to this.  They were waiting for hours, it was getting late, D.C. wakes up early, they were upset that it was going on so long, they thought this would have been some time in the night.  We got the call he was heading home and they immediately went from half-asleep to pumped up on adrenaline.  Two of them got out there and approached him from behind.  Did a normal stop, get on your knees, cross your ankles hands behind your head.  They couldn’t identify him, they wanted to make sure they had the right person.  One was coming up from behind him, the other approached him from his right side.  They had to get almost even with him because his arms were above his head.  They got up almost even with him, and his head turned.  It was him, and they shot him in the ribs.  He fell off to his left, he tried to scrapple away.  They, in any difference to his family, I am toning this down.  They ridiculed him in a sexual manner about being on his knees, and dying on his knees.  He fell fowled and they shot him again, I don’t know where that one went.  They took the thumb drive and they left.  The thumb drive went to the computer expert, after that.
  24. (Question) They boasted about all of these details?   (ANSWER) It was in multiple conversations.  The ones they talked most about were how he tried to crawl away, how he was pathetic, on his knees, that type of thing.
  25. (Question)  Can you tell us what was on that thumb drive please?  (ANSWER)  I don’t know.  I don’t know what was on the thumb drive.  I don’t know if they were able to get into it.  I know the first person they took it to either couldn’t get into it, or couldn’t get what they wanted off of it because it went to the computer expert I know, but I don’t know what was on it.  
  26. (Question / Jack) Did they take the thumb drive from him after they shot him?  (ANSWER) Yes.  They rolled him over and took it out of his pocket. They patted him down and took it. They left.
  27. (Question)  I heard you say that you took a polygraph.  Could you expand on the circumstances of that?  (ANSWER)  This was prior to providing information about myself ____________ to the house intelligence committee.  But there is more than one and I passed with great scores.  They said you could put it in texts books and study off of it they were so steady.
  28. (Question / Jack) Did you discuss this matter of Seth with the House Intelligence Committee?  (ANSWER) Yes.
  29. (Question TO Jack)  So many of the people involved in this story are involved with lawsuits like Ed Butowski suing Rod Wheeler, hiring Rod Wheeler, whats your involvement if any with Ed Butowski?  (ANSWER)  None.  None.  I think I talked to him once long ago.  (INTERJECTION)  Why do you think he is so interested in this matter? (ANSWER)  You know, I don’t know.  I know that in the lawsuit I believe, in the Wheeler lawsuit, there is some mention of me related to that, but honestly, I haven’t been following that stuff.  (INTERJECTION by Frank)  I can answer that question.  I don’t want to get into details, but I know America First Media and other people are getting sued by the Rich family and Craig Lautman (sp?).  You can go online and read them.  We really cant discuss that at this time for obvious reasons.
  30. (Question)  Can you tell us again what you think was on that thumb drive? He talked about Seth discovering federal workers manipulating emails? (ANSWER)  No.  Not exactly.  Whatever he discovered, something with the election, election this, election that, I don’t know.  But whatever he scooped up, downloaded essentially, set off alarms they had in place.  To them, it looked like an investigation. They wanted to know who, why, why was it getting this close?  That type of thing.  So they started the surveillance.  But having such a large number of emails that they had altered in some fashion, manipulated, whatever they did to each one, you can alter the entire tone of an email by changing one word, or classification.  But he had such a large number, that if something happened, if they got out, people would be pouring over it and they could discover the pattern.  How it was altered.  How it was done.  It was too much of a risk.
  31. (Question)  Are you talking about the emails that he downloaded allegedly from the DNC?  (ANSWER)  Correct.
  32. (Question)  There were reports that an FBI van was robbed the same night Seth Rich was killed and a weapon was stolen from that van.  Is that pertinent to Seth Rich’s death or how he was murdered?  (ANSWER)  Not as far as I know.  (FOLLOW UP BY JACK)  I think we were, actually, it was Kevin Dougherty who discovered that while he was working for us a year ago.  One of the things I said to the Chief of Police and Mayor is, we need the ballistics report because we need to know if those weapons that were stolen from the FBI 61 minutes before Seth Rich was shot were the ones used.  And that’s a big reason why we need ballistics and no one will help us.
  33. (Question)  Are you saying that Kevin Dougherty was trying to get onto this “Rod Rosenstien” team and was separately hired by you, Jack?  (ANSWER) Jack: Yes, I think that was a good synopsis of what was said.  I kind of am the unwitting fool.  Kevin Dougherty had a decent resume, I should have vetted him more, turns out almost none of it was correct.  I still think he did good work for us, many of you have read the 81 page report he did on this, which I think was fine detective work frankly.  And he did a lot of good investigative work.  I think what Luke is saying, is Dougherty was associated with, trying to be friends with, hanging out with, the two people who did this shooting. So that just leads me to wonder why he joined our team, was he a plant there, did someone plant him there?  We don’t know.
  34. (Question TO Jack)  It’s been said that Glenn Selig vetted him first, is that not correct?  (ANSWER)  Yes thats true, he initially went to Glenn who sadly is no longer with us.  But there was some vetting done, but obviously it wasn’t enough.  My true feeling is that none of his resume is accurate.   (INTERJECTION) Frank Whalen: Regarding Dougherty, Dougherty on July 7th contacted members of America First Media Group, and he was in dialogue after he was let go by Jack, trying to get into our group after that, that was what piqued our interest when he was arrested by Arlington Police for shooting Jack, set off all sorts of bells for us.  And one other thing, there is a phone call from Sy Hirsch, on America First Media’s site, which he has some kind of source, he is a Pulitzer Prize author, he says that Seth was killed for what he found out, not for what he took.
  35. (Question)  I met with Sy Hirsch personally, he said that recording was made without his knowledge, he had a few drinks and that is not representative of what he actually said that night.  Ed Butowsky made that recording and there are other recordings with Rod Wheeler that Ed Butowsky has made, that I detected audio editing in.  (ANSWER)  Well I am just saying what is out there.  Whether you want to dispute that, that’s for you guys to decide.
  36. (Question / Washington Post)  I am still confused about the polygraph.  Who had you take the polygraph, why, and if you have the results of that, I suppose that would be another document we would like to see.  (ANSWER)  It was prior to giving information to the House Intel in relation to a previous case I had started, worked on, and went from there into referred and dealt with issues that touched on what these people were doing.  So because it was unusual, I was polygraphed on everything.  (INTERJECTION / Washington Post)  So you are comfortable telling us who polygraphed you?  (ANSWER)  Secret Service.
  37. (Question)  Is there a way to verify that?  (ANSWER)  Yes.  House Intel has that.  I don’t want to keep relying on that, or have you think I am dodging the question, but it is available.  They have it.
  38. (Question / Jack)  Tell me, Secret Service, can you tell me how they were involved with the House Intel?  Is there anything you can tell us about that?  (ANSWER)  They helped with some of the computer things.  They helped with some of the computer stuff that I was talking about.  They have a very good system.
  39. (Question)  You said the night of the murder, you said the assailants got frustrated with how long it took to actually get a hold of Seth.  Seth was a known drinker and bar-hopper. Why would they have been frustrated knowing that he was going to be going from bar to bar.  (ANSWER)  I don’t know if he was a drinker or not.  (INTERJECTION) He was on the street by 1:45AM, that’s not late for a drinker.  (ANSWER)  They were more frustrated that they had to wait at his home for hours.  (INTERJECTION)  You said they followed him for two weeks.  (ANSWER)  Yes, off and on, yes.  (INTERJECTION) He was a known nightly drinker, they would have known his program, no?  (ANSWER)  Did they?  I don’t know.  (INTERJECTION)  Well if I followed you for two weeks, I would get to know your program.  (ANSWER)  Allright?
  40. (Question)  Luke what are these noises in the background, theres like a lot of scuffling, are you in a strange location, are you in hiding, what’s up?  (ANSWER)  You can tell I am hiding, just for safety.  The noises you hear, I actually work at a type of security right now, so you are hearing an automatic door.  (INTERJECTION)  Well previously you said you were at work, so where are you at?  (ANSWER)  Yes.
  41. (Question)  When was the last time you have been in contact with the alleged murderes?  (ANSWER) The alleged murders?  A year.  And other people involved, three or four months.  One of them, two weeks ago.
  42. (Question / Washington Post)  This is about something else.  You said that you don’t want to provoke these people by identifying them by name, but you are being recorded by many people.  Your voice will be readily available on the internet.  You’ve had contact within the last 2 weeks.  How is that any different than identifying them by name, and, wouldn’t you be putting yourself in just as much danger by doing this news conference?  (ANSWER)  It’s possible.  I knew this wouldn’t come without danger.  It’s been dangerous all along but without getting House Intelligence moving, or someone doing an investigation, theres never going to be any resolution.  It will just stay this intense dangerous situation.
  43. (Question)  Have you thought about using a voice scrambler?  Or are you using a voice scrambler for this interview?  (ANSWER)  Jack:  Luke has a passion and desire to do the right thing.
  44. (Question)  Following up on what Jason said, wouldn’t you be safer making your identity known and doing a public press interview and naming these people because then if something happens to you everyone knows who you are and you’ve come out in a public way? I mean isn’t it more dangerous to not do that and if something happens to you now we can’t verify you, we don’t know who you are?  (ANSWER)  But you do know who I am, and the House Intelligence knows who I am.  Coming out publicly, and you said if something happens, then what, you can identify the body?  ________________ , trying to get awareness, trying to step up, trying to get an investigation, ask for something official with the House Intelligence Committee.  None of this is without danger.
  45. (Question)  Ok but with Jack, he has what, $400,000 you can hire some security, right? (ANSWER) Jack:  $400,000 is not mine.  $105,000 is mine.  $455,000 is the total amount.  Look we’ve talked to Luke about those things.  I think here’s the bottom line.  I would certainly be willing to make an effort to protect him and his family.  The bottom line is, I think he has legitimate security concerns through all of this as anybody would.
  46. (Question)  What is the status with the House Intelligence Committee in Congress and why aren’t they acting, what is the status with that?  (ANSWER)  Good question.  I would very much like to know.
  47. (Question)  Luke, would you know anything about, the um, he’s no longer in Congress, Blake Farenthold, wasn’t he going to start a group?  (ANSWER)  No.
  48. (Question) I am a member of a Facebook group that cares a lot about the Seth Rich case.  What about post-murder of Seth Rich research, like hospital records at Washington Hospital Center, Police records, the fact that the head of police, the woman, she resigned right after the murder of Seth Rich.  I used to know one of the heads of surgery, I know who he is, and he will not return my phone calls, he is now at Montgomery General.  Has anyone tried to talk to him if he knew if there was any political garbage going on with why they won’t release the records at Washington Hospital Center?  Like Podesta’s wife is on the Board of the hospital, etc?  Are they having them keep quiet because of that?  The DC Police need to be kept quiet because they are close to retiring?  Stuff like that?  (INTERJECTION / Jack) This is a whole series of questions from Shoshana, good questions all wrapped up into one, about asking whether you knew anything about his medical treatment the night he was shot, do we know anything about the doctors, do we know anything at all about what happened after he was shot (INTERJECTIONS)  And webcams!  (ANSWER) Only that they had taken his thumb drive and left the area.  Anything besides that I don’t.
  49. (Question)  Where did they take the thumb drive?  (ANSWER)  To their computer expert.
  50. (Question)  Did they share it with the FBI, what law enforcement did they share it with?  (ANSWER)  The thumb drive? With themselves.  They didn’t need any….. they just killed someone to get it.
  51. (Questions)  What kind of documents do you have that will substantiate your claims?  (ANSWER)  Photographs, people in cases, me and them working together, phone calls, I _____________________, a list and and overall idea has been turned over to House Intelligence as well.
  52. (Question)  Do you have recorded conversations that you might have had with the alleged murderers?  (ANSWER)  I’m very undecided whether or not to answer.  Uh, I don’t want to answer on that one right now.
  53. (Question)  Jack, what do you say to people that call you a “Conspiracy Theorist”?  (ANSWER)  The word conspiracy is much overused.  I just look at facts looking at data trying to solve this murder anyway we can. (INTERJECTION)  I get that but there are people who are not just persuaded by fact, they are not just persuaded by the way you are stringing facts together, and forming motives.  Dig a little deeper, tell me why this is important to do outside MPD?  (ANSWER) Well, I think it’s pretty simple.  My belief they are just not doing anything. And it’s an important issue and someone has to do it.  So we are doing it. I don’t know that it’s any more complex than that.  From my point of view, this could have happen to any one of the young people that work for me.  Democrats and Republicans, and I have both.  And so, for that reason, I want to do some good.
  54. (Question) You still are working for Profiling Project.  (ANSWER)  Yes. Its now called the Profiling Investigative Center, but yes, that’s my group.
  55. (Question) You being a lawyer, have you subpoena’d any records?  (ANSWER) I wish I had subpoena power but I am not a judge.  I wish I had… If I had subpoena power I would use it.  We sued the Mayor and Chief of Police to get the coronor’s report and the ballistics report, and to get the second Flagler video, but the judge threw it out.
  56. (Question) Have you gone to the Bureau of Vital Statistics?  What can you get from there?  (ANSWER)  Nothing.  Nothing.  I will give you an illustration of how difficult this has become.  The police will not share with me or to anyone the hospital to which Seth was taken on that fateful night.  (INTERJECTION)  It was Howard and then Washington (ANSWER)  It was George Washington Hospital  (INTERJECTION)  George Washington??) (ANSWER)  Yes, it was G.W.  The reason I found that out is because we found a health contractor that was working there and we got that information from them, and no one would share that with us.
  57. (Question)  Why did these men need to kill Seth?  Why was the murder necessary?  (ANSWER)  I can’t speak exactly for what going through their minds, but if he was left alive, he could have ____________________________, he could have went through everything and maybe he knew what was on it.  You don’t know.  That’s why I said, when you compare it to the other crimes they are involved in, it’s not that big of a list.  So, you know, if he had it online somewhere, he could have just gone to the same place and downloaded it.  Again, it wouldn’t have solved anything.  (INTERJECTION)  Jack:  One thing I would say to keep in mind, this is just my perspective, if, as the DC Police allege, this was in the street and street thugs did it, expensive gold chain, nice watch, cash, credit cards, none of that taken.  It seems obvious to me that they wanted something else. What could this have been.  Lets assume the DC Police are correct, and it’s in the street, why would he be shot twice in the back?  Seth Rich was many things.  He wasn’t a frightful fearsome dude.  If they came upon him and there was a scuffle I don’t think that anybody was worried that Seth was going to chase them down the street.  That theory doesn’t hold water.

Luke:  I appreciate it.  I appreciate the opportunity and all the work that Mr. Couch, Frank Whalen, and the team have done on this.  They got a little close to these people, these people started talking about them, and that’s why I contact them to head that off.

Note:  All statements were transcribed as best possible.  Some errors may be present due to ambient noise.  Please refer to the linked videos should you have any questions.

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