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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Why The Political Establishment Is Losing It Over Russia

If anyone is confused about why the mainstream media and political establishment figureheads are losing their minds over Donald Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, one needs to know a little bit about what happened over the last several years.

Specifically, regarding Russia, Ukraine & Crimea became a massive underground quagmire where there were a LOT of shady practices going on under President Obama.  Not the least of which was the US inserting political influence (a nice way of saying we forced) regime change in Ukraine for a more US-friendly leader.  Now, I’m all for pro-US leaders, but the methods by which we do that, gets a bit dicey to say the least.  Google: “Victoria Neuland Fuck The EU”

Very interesting stuff.

I followed the Obama State Department almost, well not almost, actually daily. Victoria was the State Department Spox (spokesperson) under Hillary Clinton... (yes, she was first appointed under Bill Clinton if my memory is correct).  She then was promoted under Hillary Clinton to Under-Secretary of Eurasia / Russian affairs.  Bad news for Russia.  Clinton and Victoria Neuland single-handedly created regime change in many nations surrounding Russia, many post-Soviet nations, and despite the EU raising concerns, they pushed forward.

Why would the EU be concerned?  Energy for one.  Regional instability for another.

That’s where NATO comes in.  Since WE wanted regime change, and the EU didn’t, we were pretty much forced to pay for NATO.  After all, we were creating this tinder box, so if it burst into flames, the EU’s position was “You (U.S.) wanted this mess, you defend it!”

So we paid for it.  Big time.

Enter Donald Trump.

Clinton was supposed to win.  She didn’t. With that, came the new reality under Trump who’s position is radically different than Clinton.  His view is “Hey, I don’t want a war with Russia!  I’m not asking for regime changes all over the place!  I’m not paying! If you (the EU) want US military defense, YOU are paying!”

So I’m sure you can see why NATO countries are balking at this.  The Deep State has perpetuated this mess for decades, and now we have a POTUS that is reversing course in a hard way.  That kind of reversal causes turbulence of the worst kind.  Not the least of which are all of the Congress members and Senators that were “all in” behind the scenes as their hands were being greased by the military-industrial-complex that provides the vast majority of defense contracts, personnel and materials.

It was a never ending gravy train.  Until 2016 when that particular train came to a grinding halt when the Trump Train steamrolled on in.

The worst part in all of this, was the fact that the news media has completely ignored all of Obama’s dirty dealings.  I would venture to guess that most seeing this, don’t know who Victoria Neuland even is, or if you do, it’s not likely that most know her full employment history or the power she wielded for so long.  Look at who she’s connected to. Who did she spend her time with for the last decade?

This isn’t your average rabbit hole as it’s literately all there in black and white.  That said, it was kept quiet for a reason.  I may publish a bit more on this topic.  It may be worth it if folks aren’t sure where to obtain facts on her, and Secretary Clinton’s dealings in Russian meddling.  There’s a reason Putin doesn’t like Hillary Clinton.  All one has to do is ask “why?”

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